Melissa Tweedie: Scots Teacher Photographed Sipping Wine on Night She Had 'Sex With Student' After Prom

A teacher, who allegedly had sex with her teenage student after prom night party was photographed sipping wine on bed in a hotel room. The teacher identified as Melissa Tweedie in the photo is seen donning a red dress and holding a glass of wine while she appears to be in conversation with the pupils following the party.

Later on in the night out, Tweedie, who was working as a PE teacher former at the Gleniffer High School in Paisley in Scotland is alleged to have had sex with a teenage lad after asking him, "Can we for a minute act like I'm not a teacher?" according to Daily Record.

Other images of the Tweedie, now 27 shows her dancing among the pupils clutching a wine glass and dancing with her male students. This incident reportedly took place in June 2017.

Sex with student
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According to the report, students were allegedly asked to destroy any evidence they may have had of Tweedie, who has been relieved of her teaching duties after the incident.

Moreover, a source has disclosed to Daily Record that the picture had been snapped after the prom as Tweedie, who now lives in Dubai and works as a yoga instructor, was hanging out with some of the sixth form girls and drinking wine in the hotel.

"Of course, we all know what happened next. There were no drugs and nobody knows anything about her drink being spiked, as Miss Tweedie claimed to her bosses," the source further said.

"The next day it was a bit crazy as rumors started to spread about what had happened. This picture in the hotel has been circulating among the pupils - even though pupils were warned to delete any pictures on their phones of Miss Tweedie in the hotel," the source added.