Melinda Gates to Vaccinate Blacks First, as COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Infertility: Conspiracy Theory

Melinda Gates statements that the COVID-19 vaccine will be used on blacks first has sparked conspiracy theories that see it as population control measure

In the next 18 months as and when a COVID-19 vaccine gets ready, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to ensure that it would be the blacks in the US who would first get the coronavirus vaccines after health workers.

Instead of being cheered, the news has sparked a flood of outrage with many on social media sensing a more sinister plot. There is now a conspiracy theory that claims that the COVID-19 vaccines can cause infertility and the Gates want to use it on blacks to depopulate.

Even activist Rizza Islam took to Twitter where he said that "...government using COVID-19 and murder of George Floyd to push another avenue of genocide through vaccines. Bill & Melinda Gates have now pledged 1.6 billion to give to the vaccine alliance (GAVI) to push vaccines to health workers & Black people!"

Melinda Gates

In an interview with Time magazine, Melinda Gates laid bare her plans for the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While talking about the protests against racism in the US sparked by the George Floyd death, the wife of Microsoft Co-founder said:

Even before we saw this senseless death, COVID had already started to show us gaps and structural problems in our country. We are seeing black men die at a disproportionate rate. We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably.

Then replying to a question on who will be the first to get the coronavirus vaccines after health workers, Melinda Gates said that in the United States it would "be black people next."

This has not gone well on social media as many see this as an attempt to use the blacks as guinea pigs for the vaccine trials for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Conspiracy Theory 1 - Bill Gates wants to control the population

Since the Melinda Gates interview in Time, many social media users, especially from the black community, have been tweeting out using posts with hashtag population control.

There is a widely popular conspiracy theory that has been doing the rounds since 2011 based on a report published in a tabloid in Ghana that has claimed that the Gates Foundation researchers allegedly injected thousands of impoverished and illiterate Ghanaian women with a Pfizer contraceptive, Depo-Provera, and administered other unidentified oral contraceptives during human research experiments to reduce population and modify health care.

Conspiracy Theory 2 - Coronavirus vaccine causes infertility

Melinda Gates advocating for vaccines for the blacks has seen outrage grow after many shared a post that claims that the COVID-19 vaccines can cause infertility. Many on social media are asking people not to take vaccines from Gates foundation as the Gates' are well-known for being eugenicists and Bill has spoken openly for the need to depopulate.

There is a conspiracy theory that claims that the COVID-19 vaccines contain antigens that cause infertility in 95 percent of the recipients of the coronavirus vaccine.

Conspiracy Theory 3 - Melinda Gates Wore Cross Upside Down

Since the time Melinda Gates was spotted wearing an upside cross during a TV interview, there has been an increase in those who now radically believe that the couple is Satanist.

Melinda Gates
Melinda Gates wearing her controversial necklace. Twitter

In an interview on NBC News' Today Show Melinda Gates was seen wearing an inverted cross, following which many now see Bill and Melinda Gates as Satan worshippers who created the coronavirus pandemic as a way to control the population.