Video: Lightning Strike at Washington Monument Sparks Theories - God, Satan and Trump

  • The lightning strike during George Floyd protests near White House injured two National Guards

  • Some see it as God's wrath against Trump, others joked on Twitter and said Thor had joined the protests

  • There also those who see Washington Monument as a satanic site

An incredible video capturing the moment a powerful lightning strike hit the Washington Monument near The White House during the George Floyd protests has the social media coming up with theories and predictions that see it as a bad omen for President Donald Trump.

A camera from CBS affiliate, WUSA9 captured the moment lightning strike hit the Washington Monument as thunderstorms moved over the Washington DC, area, on Thursday evening.

Washington Monument Lightning Strike

The video of this brilliant bolt-from-the-blue has now sparked several theories with many even connecting the timing of the lightning strike to the George Floyd protests.

Coincidentally, Comedian Jimmy Kimmel during Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late-night host ridiculed the president for posing with a Bible by playing a video edited to show President Trump being struck by lightning in front of St. John's Episcopal Church.

"Well, maybe God is watching over us after all," Kimmel had joked. "It's just hard to believe he exists."

Here is what social media thinks:

Social media users seem to be united about one thing that it was a sign from God to President Donald Trump and to the United States to turn from its evil ways.

A social media user observed that the lightning strike at the Washington Monument was prophetic. The obelisk is a pagan symbol of the worship of the Babylonian god Nimrod, worship of the Sun, and ultimately of Satan worship. The word 'obelisk' literally means 'Baal's Shaft.'

Another user tweeted: " Wow if that isn't a sign from God I don't know what is. What does it mean though? Was it a signal of strength? Or the signal to tear down as some people have instructed? Perhaps it was just lightning? Maybe it was a signal that God was about to Move on Washington in a mighty way."

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A post on Twitter said: Freak Lightning Strikes Washington Monument on 4 June 2020 America I think GOD JUST SHOWED UP!!!!!!! . America you had better pray and get God back into this country. His power is much bigger than our military.

The social media users also spoke about Trump using Bible for photo-op: I think even God's had enough with Trump & signaled His displeasure at his lack of empathy with victims of police brutality & his hypocritical Bible-thumping photo op in front of a church with a lightning storm that actually struck the Washington monument.

A user called it a practice shot: God's going to get you for this, Donald. He just sent a warning shop. a lightning strike at the Washington Monument.

While many continued their attack the Trump administration, a user joked and said that finally, Thor had joined the George Floyd protests.

Two injured in Lightning Strike

In the lightning strike, two National Guardsmen were injured and had to be rushed to the hospital, White House officials announced.

According to WUSA-TV reports, the two security personnel were struck by lightning shortly after midnight within the Lafayette Park perimeter, where protests over the death of George Floyd continued for the seventh day.