Melbourne Writer Has 'Cardiac Arrest' After Kids Barge in While Having Sex

The Australian mum felt a 'stampede of elephants' on her chest when kids barged in while she was having sex with her husband.

Jessica Hood, Melbourne-based writer and mother-of-four, recalled a horrific situation where her children interrupted while they were enjoying an intimate clinch. Hood shared her awkward sex tale with her Instagram followers. She recalled the nightmare moment when she was in the middle of bonking her husband. She said that her kids walked in while she was in mid-thrust and that it felt like she was suffering from a cardiac arrest. The Australian mother took to Instagram to let her 53,600 followers know about her life's most awkward situation.

Earlier this week, she wrote: "It's 9:30 pm on a Wednesday what could possibly go wrong? Little bit of nookie never hurt anyone right?" She narrated that she thought her heart couldn't have raced any faster during such an intimate moment, however, she was then on the verge of a cardiac arrest. Jessica Hood said: "No amount of chairs or even a chested draw was going to stop it." According to her, the situation was like a stampede of elephants without any warning, and that her children were meant to be fast asleep at that time.

As Jessica's legs were up "sky high" with husband Karl's butts blocking her private part, their children barged into the room seeing them in midst of the act. As she captioned her Instagram post, "DADDY WAS WRESTLING MUMMY," looks like this was her excuse to her children. The mother also said that if she and her partner weren't positioned in that way, it could have been so much worse. Well, this could happen to anyone.

Mum Caught Having Sex
Jessica Hood and her husband Karl Instagram

Most parents give weird 'sexcuses' when caught up in a situation like this. Such excuses are as follows - "We were tickling each other", "It's a game adults play when trying to get to sleep" and "Daddy is keeping me warm" among some of the weirdest and wonderful excuses parents use. Meanwhile, the best advice anyone could give is that you make sure your kids aren't in the house or they are asleep whenever you are in the mood of making love with your partner.

Jessica Hood
Aussie Mum Caught Having Sex By Children Instagram grab