Mark Zuckerberg's July 4th Flag Waving Stunt Backfires; Facebook CEO Trolled For 'Cringe Worthy' Act

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's latest stunt to celebrate the Independence Day by holding American flag while surfing on an electric hydrofoil surfboard backfired after he was trolled on social media. The video also had John Denver's song "Take Me Home, Country Roads," playing in the background.

Zuckerberg seems to be riding the electric surfboard, which he was previously seen using in Hawaii. It belongs to Lift Foils and according to the company's cofounder Nick Leason, the Facebook CEO owns several of these devices.

“Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg seen in the video celebrating Independence Day. Twitter

Zuckerberg Says "Happy July 4th" in Viral Post

The Facebook CEO posted over a minute long video to wish his followers a "Happy July 4th." Zuckerberg, dressed in swimming shorts and a T-shirt, atop the electric foil surfboard as he skims on a lake. He is holding the American flag in his right hand as he used the other one to balance himself. John Denver's song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" plays in the background.

According to HuffPost the Instagram post comes a week after a federal judge threw out government antitrust lawsuits brought against Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission, dealing a major blow to the effort to rein in the social media giant.

Last year, the 37-year-old was trolled on social media after he was spotted with enormous amount of sunscreen slathered on his face. After he was mocked mercilessly on social media, Zuckerberg claimed that he did so to fool the paparazzi following him.

Zuckerberg Turns into Meme-Worthy Material

The Instagram post certainly backfired for the billionaire as meme creators wasted no time in churning out memes to mock Zuckerberg.

"This is the stuff meme dreams are made of," wrote a follower as soon as the FB CEO posted the video. Another added, "This is some meme materials." The video has received over a million views and more than 6,600 comments. It was also shared on Twitter.

"Mark Zuckerberg posted a video of himself on Instagram wakeboarding while holding an American flag and set to the music of the late John Denver singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads." I saw it, so now you have to see it too. I'm sorry. I did not make the rules," wrote a Twitter user.

"Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, let's harvest the data of 87M+ people without their consent, recklessly misusing this data to undermine the American electoral process alongside foreign adversaries, and then disrespect the flag like this on July 4," wrote another.

"You may be a douchebag - but you will probably never be Mark Zuckerberg on a hydrofoil waving the American flag to Country Roads kinda of douchebag," opined another user.

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