Meghan Markle's uncle criticizes Duchess of Sussex for not treating their family well

Meghan Markle's 80-year-old uncle criticizes her for not treating their family well after her wedding to Prince Harry

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Meghan Markle's elderly uncle Mike Markle, who is 80-years-old, says he has given up all hopes hearing from her ever again and stated that he no longer understands her. He revealed that Meghan has completely abandoned the family after her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018 and has not even bothered to ask how he or the other family members doing.

''I doubt I'll hear from her again even though I would like to. I don't understand her, the way she's treated her family. I'm not very fond of it,'' he said to DailyMail.

Mike Markle is the older brother of Meghan's dad Thomas. He is a former US diplomat and also helped Meghan get an internship as a press intern at the US Ambassador's office in Argentina when she was a teenage girl. Mike, now suffers from Parkinson's disease and frail heart and seeks medical treatment on a regular basis.

Also, during the royal wedding, Mike and family were thoroughly disappointed that Meghan didn't invite them and he had revealed at that time that he would absolutely have travelled to England to witness the wedding despite his current health condition.

''I've done more for her than others... I've probably done more for her than most have. I personally talked to the ambassador in Argentina for her. I thought I would (get an invitation), but anyhow, I didn't hear from her,'' he said.

Mike stated that he hasn't heard from Meghan's father Thomas since a year as well, but is in touch with his other brother Fred and said that when they talk to each other, they avoid speaking about Meghan altogether. ''I talk to Fred once a month. Our relationship is strong. He never changes. We don't talk about things to do with Meghan anymore. Fred doesn't like much to talk about other family members.''

Coming back to his health, Mike Markle revealed, ''I've just had a new pacemaker put in, but my Parkinson's seems to be holding itself in position. I haven't suffered any seizures lately but my hands still shake. I'm not too bad.'' Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning a trip to the US to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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