Young amputee girl horrified by disgusting sexual comments on her picture

A young amputee girl from Melbourne received a barrage of sexual comments on her harmless picture and the comments read that she's ''an easy rape''

As sad as it might sound, a young amputee girl from Melbourne got the shock of her life after she posted a picture of herself on a Twitter thread and received a barrage of inappropriate and sexual comments towards her. Cherie, who wants to be known only by her first name, had no idea how her harmless tweet would end up going viral when she got in on the Twitter thread.

Here's how it all started. The thread asked people to state their age and something they can't do. Cherie posted that she is 27-years-old and can't cross her legs and shared her picture and is seen holding walking sticks in both her hands, which also obviously states that she's an amputee. That's when all the nasty comments started off and received quite a lot of sexual comments pointed towards her.

Cherie Amputee Melbourne Australia Girl
Twitter / Cherie

Though she looks fully clothed, one user commented that she should expect sexual comments as she posed in "something sexy or half-naked". Other men in the thread commented that she would be ''an easy rape'' while others commented that she needs to ''take their third leg.'' Few more commented that they ''would still have sex with her despite her disability.'' The Twitter thread was mostly dominated by men and had very few comments from women. Hardly any male posted a positive comment and most of the men were tagging their other friends pointing out Cherie in a sexual way.

Disgusted by all the comments, Cherie slammed them all by saying, ''The internet can be a disgusting place. I think I'm just disappointed that I couldn't make a lighthearted joke without it turning into a barrage of men commenting whether or not they'd have sex with me,'' she told

Cherie further lashed out at all those nasty comments and said, "That some think it's a compliment that they would still be interested in me even though I'm disabled, as though that should be some kind of deal-breaker and that I would even get comments saying how it would be easy to rape me because of my disability."

"I guess just the sheer volume that I received was surprising, usually you may expect a few, but not hundreds," she said, admitting that it is not new to her. "None of this is new, I've had comments like these all my life. And not just on the internet. Men on the streets have come up to me and said all of these things before."

Cherie had her leg amputated when she was just a six-year-old girl due to osteosarcoma. Sadly, she also revealed that she was used to this kind of behavior by unruly men all through her life.