Man points out woman's wardrobe malfunction at gym, gets accused of being a 'pervert'

A man in New Zealand gets labelled a 'pervert' for pointing out a woman's wardrobe malfunction at the gym

Woman In The Gym

A man from New Zealand was at the gym doing his daily workout routine and observed a woman nearby him doing squats. The woman did not know that her leggings exposed her buttocks when she reached the bottom of her squats. Not wanting to make a scene, he ignored all of it, but later on, during the yoga session, he noticed her pants were extremely revealing and could "pretty much see everything".

The man then decided to inform the woman to pull her leggings up to further avoid a wardrobe malfunction and embarrassment for herself. He then went towards the woman and discreetly informed her about her situation. Instead of thanking him, the woman immediately created a scene at the gym and vilified the man labelling him a ''pervert''. She screamed at the top of her voice, ''You f***ing pervert! Stop staring at my a**!''

Disappointed and let down, the man went home and informed the incident to his beloved wife, who also said that he was in the wrong for pointing it out. The man, then vented out his frustration in a long social media post on how he was treated unfairly and asked his followers if it is indeed wrong to point out a woman's wardrobe malfunction.

"No idea why I cared (I'm married and completely uninterested) but I go into helpful mode and pull my headphones out and turn around quietly enough that only the two of us can hear and say this: 'Hey this is super creepy, but I'd feel creepier if I didn't say something. When you squat, your pants stretch and go completely see-through on your a**.''

"Again I thought I was being helpful and that she'd want to know, but wholly s*** did she not see it that way. This girl practically screams: 'You f***ing pervert! Stop staring at my a**!'. Not needing to be told twice now that half the gym is staring at me, I go back to my workout and suffer the angry looks for another 20 minutes and go home."

Also, his followers commented that though he hasn't done anything wrong, his choice of words is the cause for the woman to label him a pervert. ''You're the a**hole for making it awkward and creepy by even mentioning her a**. You could have just said her pants were see-through and left it at that."