McDonald's Removed American Flags In Support Of Antifa? Here's The Truth

McDonald's recently released a statement through its official website supporting Black Lives Matter movement.

A social media post that claims McDonald's removed American flags from its restaurants nationwide in order to support Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement has gone viral on the internet after Twitter and Facebook users shared the rumor about America's largest fast-food chain thousands of times.

Well, the claim is false as removing the American flag would not mean supporting the BLM movement or Antifa as neither of the groups are anti-America. This week, regular cage fights between patriotism and protests took place in some corners of the internet, with social media posts foolishly encouraging them from the sidelines. The rumor started after violent clashes involving far-left and far-right groups due to some demonstrations across the U.S. in recent months.

"McDonald's removes their American flags in support of Antifa & BLM nationwide," the social media posts read. Another Facebook post adding the hashtag "#boycottMcDonalds" made it look even more authentic.

However, a spokesperson from McDonald USA confirmed that there is no truth to this claim and there is no coordinated effort in removing their American flags from restaurants. McDonald's recently released a statement through its official website supporting Black Lives Matter and had announced donations to the National Urban League and the NAACP along with an inclusion initiative on July 30.

Mc Donald's
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The company didn't publish any statement regarding Antifa (anti-fascist), left-leaning militant groups opposing white supremacists at protests. In its well-defined statement to the media, McDonald's said that it stands behind the need for equality and social justice and denied any involvement with the spreading rumors on social media.

Reportedly, there were other similar rumors spreading on social media. Some of theese were:

• Olive Garden banned the American flag

• The NFL will fly a Black Lives Matter flag under the American flag at football games

• Kroger Corporate says employees can not wear flag masks but they can wear BLM masks, which have been debunked by the media and are reportedly false.

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