MC Pipokinha: Brazilian Singer Who Received Oral Sex on Stage Performs Shocking NFSW Act with Two Men on Stage [WATCH]

The NFSW video has since left her fans fuming despite the fact that this caption makes fun of the singer's sexual onstage appearance.

A Brazilian singer who has been caught in several sexual scandals was recently caught on camera performing an NSFW act on stage with two men. MC Pipokinha, 24, who has drawn criticism in the past for her outrageous stage displays, went too far in recent footage from her shows, outraged fans claimed.

The shocking incident has left her fans fuming but her videos have been going viral. MC Pipokina who gained international notoriety for engaging in oral sex with fans and having cats lick her nipples was also seen shoving a lewd admirer away with her microphone as the man tried to grope her after she went topless on stage.

Vile Act on Stage

MC Pipokinha
MC Pipokinha seen performing NFSW act on stage in new video Twitter

According to a report in The Sun, Pipokinha was performing for the crowd when two men were caught on camera grabbing her by the waist and violently groping her. Pipokinha, who is better known as Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, was wearing a red and white cheerleading uniform.

The two men and Pipokinha started dancing together, capping the sensual performance.

"How many reais [Brazilian currency] would you pay to go to the MC Pipokinha show," one clip's caption translated into English said.

The NFSW video has since left her fans fuming despite the fact that this caption makes fun of the singer's sexual onstage appearance.

People criticized the star on social media. "I don't think even her paying me I would go in an environment like that. Live from STDs," one person said.

MC Pipokinha
MC Pipokinha Instagram

"They look like wild, mindless animals desperately trying to reproduce. "Bizarre!" wrote another user.

However, not everyone is against Pipokina. In fact, several people supported the risqué onstage act. "Brazil is not prepared to see a woman reaching the top the way she wants! This is a show [unlike] any other! Actually the best show ever!" one fan said.

Sex on Her Mind and Body

The 24-year-old MC Pipokinha's actions have led to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Brazil opening an investigation into her for alleged zoophilia, on the suggestion of Brazilian MP Matheus Araujo Laiola.

"We have just notified the Federal Police and the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the crime of mistreatment (zoophilia) practiced by this person!" the MP had said at that time.

In yet another video the sex siren can be seen standing in front of a bathroom mirror in a bra while the same person places his hand over her face when she caresses, kisses, and cuddles up with a man in bed.

MC Pipokinha has enraged people all across the world since her ascent to popularity.

"Everything I see about this woman is against my will," one social media user wrote.

"Every time I see something about this woman, I want to unsee it," wrote another user. Yet, the performer continues to enjoy popularity with her raunchy acts on and off stage.