Maegan Hall: Tennessee Cop Fired for Engaging in Sex Romps with Fellow Officers Breaks Silence; Says She 'Did Say No'

The interview follows the filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit by Hall on Monday, who claims she was "sexually groomed," against the department and other high-ranking officers.

The Tennessee cop who was fired for having sex with a slew of fellow cops on multiple occasions has broken her silence on the sex scandal for the first time, stating that she "did say no." Maegan Hall, 26, who spoke publicly for the first time, told WTVF earlier this week, said that she felt "terrorized," calling out her bosses for the binge.

Hall also revealed that she felt "sexually groomed" in a federal civil rights case filing. The lawsuit names a number of prominent police officers from the La Vergne Police Department and claims that they 'took advantage' of her poor mental health and weaknesses as she tried to navigate a rocky marriage.

Hall of Shame

Maegan Hall
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Hall told WTVF that she regularly tried to turn down her sergeant at the La Vergne Police Department's overtures toward her but that "he wouldn't take no for an answer." The on-the-job affair with Sgt. Lewis Powell led to wild sexual romps with five other police officers from the department.

"I know what most people are saying," Hall told the outlet. "You know, 'You could've said no.' I get it. But my response to them is 'I did say no, and he wouldn't take it for an answer."

"Eventually, I gave in from pressure."

The interview follows the filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit by Hall on Monday, who claims she was "sexually groomed," against the department and other high-ranking officers.

The Tennessee police department provided detailed accounts of Hall's sexual encounters with other officers, and the complaint lawsuit that these affairs developed as a result of her professional relationship with Sgt. Lewis Powell.

Hall claimed that the second shift of the department, which was exclusively made up of men, targeted her and encouraged her to engage in promiscuity. She put this behavior down to a failing marriage.

Maegan Hall
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"I remember while applying for the job at the PD they described the environment as a family. But while I was aspiring to protect others, they did not protect me," Hall said.

"My supervisors worked together to take advantage of my vulnerabilities and mental health, and they used it for their gain and their sexual pleasure.

"Who do you turn to when the chief of police is sexually harassing you? How can I get justice when the entire system, including the chief, not only condoned such behavior but participated in it? I was lost, and I felt alone. I had no one to turn to and nowhere to go."

Exploited at Her Own Will?

Hall and four other officers, including Police Chief Burrel "Chip" Davis, lost their jobs as a result of their extramarital affairs. Two other officers were suspended as a result of the controversy. Davis was charged with aiding in Hall's harassment of women.

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Detective Seneca Shields (top left) and Officer Larry Holladay; Officer Patrick Magliocco (bottom left) and Sgt. Lewis Powell Twitter

Hall who appeared to be reading from a prepared statement during the TV interview said that before to the incident became public, she "received harassing and threatening messages on my phone daily. I felt like I was terrorized."

"I had no one to run to and I had nowhere to go," she said.

Last week, a representative for the city of La Vergne declined to comment on the matter or Hall's lawsuit, telling the New York Post that the officials do not talk about ongoing legal matters.

Maegan Hall
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"Maegan wasn't looked at like a rookie cop to be trained and promoted," Hall's lawyer, Wesley Clark, told WTVF.

"She was looked at like a piece of meat to be sexualized and exploited."

Hall was fired in January after admitting to engaging in sex acts with on-duty police officers on police property, including a threesome with one officer and his wife, in an interview conducted as part of an internal investigation.

Powell's "exploitative sexual relationship," according to Hall, was the catalyst for other sexual encounters involving other officers.

Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall Twitter

According to reports, she had sex with Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco, Ty McGowan, Juan Lugo-Perez, Gavin Schoeberl, and Detective Seneca Shields.

Powell, Lugo-Perez, McGowan, and Shields were all fired over the incidents. The others were suspended but kept their jobs.

It is not clear what compensation Hall has sought for lost pay, medical costs, mental anguish, emotional pain, and "reputational harm" after being fired from her job.