MBLAQ Member Thunder and Former Gugudan Member Mimi Surprise Fans with Dating News

MBLAQ member Thunder and former Gugudan member Mimi have surprised their fans with dating news. The celebrity couple made this big revelation on Thursday (July 13). The duo revealed that they are in a romantic relationship.

Thunder and Mimi made the surprise announcement in the preview of an upcoming episode of Second House 2. The video features them holding hands in the second house of Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra. This gesture immediately captured the viewers' attention.

Mimi revealed in the footage that she has been in a romantic relationship with Thunder for four years. The former Gugudan member said they were an unofficial couple in the entertainment industry. After making this big revelation, the couple shared handwritten letters on social media platforms for fans.

Here is the Handwritten Letter by Mimi:

Mimi and Thunder
Mimi and Thunder shared handwritten letters on social media after announcing their romantic relationship. Instagram

MBLAQ member Thunder wrote a similar handwritten letter. He said lack of courage was the only reason to keep his relationship with Mimi a secret from fans. He described the former Gugudan member as someone who understands him well cheers him, and firmly protects him. He requested support from the fans to take responsibility for Mimi and live happily with her.

Here is the Handwritten Letter by Thunder: