The cast of MBC's 'I Live Alone' TV show
The cast of MBC's 'I Live Alone' TV show MBC

The largest shareholder of Korean TV and radio station MBC has fired its chairman over allegations that the network's management implemented unfair labor practices and meddling in news coverage.

Chairman Koh Young-ju was ousted from his post after shareholder Foundation for Broadcast Future (FBC) voted to unseat him. The board said Koh was responsible for the issues.

MBC workers have been on strike for two months since September to demand the ouster of Koh and MBC president Kim Jang-kyom.

Three members of the foundation's board, identified as close to the administration of President Moon Jae-in, filed a motion last month to dismiss Koh.

FBC owns 70 percent of MBC shares and "is responsible for the overall management of MBC through constant monitoring and auditing."

"We provide funding for research projects that promote development and enhancement of broadcasting culture. Our tasks also include the management of the Broadcasting Culture Promotion Fund, and many other projects that serve public welfare," according to the FBC website. It is empowered to dismiss and elect a new MBC president.

Koh became FBC chairman in August 2015 and announced last week that he would leave his post.

About 3,800 TV workers at MBC and KBS TV stations under the National Union of Media Workers have called on the shakeup of management and restoration of fair news reporting.

As a result of the strikes, many TV shows have stopped filming for new episodes and have been forced to air reruns and special including "Infinite Challenge," "I Live Alone," "Radio Star" and dramas. The ongoing strikes also affected the ratings of MBC and KBS TV shows.

Last week, prosecutors raided the homes and offices of three former MBC officials who were accused of conniving with Korea's state spy agency to oust producers and their TV shows that were critical of the government of former President Lee Myung-bak.