Rookie actor reveals how kind Im Siwan was to him during 'The King Loves' filming

Park Young-woon reveals how Im Si-wan helped him feel at ease in the sets of 'The King Loves.'

Park Young-woon & Im Si-wan.
Park Young-woon and Im Si-wan.,

MBC historical romance drama 'The King in Love' or as it is known by the literal translation from Korean, 'The King Loves,' aired its final episode of September 19 this year. Singer and actor Im Si-wan, who played the lead role in the drama, began his mandatory military service on July 11. Even though the drama didn't do very well, stories of Im Si-wan's good behaviour and kindness can be heard. Rookie actor Park Young-woon has such an interesting story to tell, about the actor.

As noted by website Soompi, in a recent interview, Park Young-woon expressed gratitude towards the actors he worked with in 'The King Loves,' particularly towards Im Si-wan. The actor revealed that how he was quite nervous on the first day of script reading as he was surrounded by well-known industry professionals.

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Park Young-woon revealed, "However, when we went out to dinner, Im Si-wan started a conversation with me, and introduced me to other people" and added, "He couldn't stand seeing a rookie actor like me looking like I was alone, and he had really great leadership skills. He also would bring me food, and if there was something I was worried about in terms of acting, he would bring me over to the director and say, 'Young Woon says he's curious about this part.'"

Im Si-wan's actions reveal that he truly is a very likable and helpful person, looking after his co-stars. This is perhaps why the cast of 'The King in Love' decided to pay him a visit in the military, on September 19. Girls' Generation singer YoonA, who also played a leading role in the drama, gave Im Si-wan a signed Girls' generation CD.

In addition to Im Si-wan, Park Young-woon also talked about receiving helpful advice from Oh Min-suk and others like Jung Bo-suk and Jang Young-nam. Young-woon said, "Oh Min Suk was in 80 percent of the scenes I was in," adding, "Every time I made a mistake so there was a blooper, he would comfort me and say, 'It's okay, try it like this.'"

When asked if he had any advice for Im Si-wan, as he has already completed his own military dutry, Park Young-woon replied with a laugh, "I'm not in a position to give him advice, so I just said, 'I'll come back and visit you again.'" He said because Im Si-wan isn't stationed far away, he will most likely visit him again and added, "We also promised to do a video phone call."

This article was first published on October 7, 2017