Mastercard debuts credit card with fingerprint sensor

Users can now employ biometric technology to scan their finger on the sensor while making the intended purchase.

master card

PIN number for a credit card - this is one of the features that may just vanish into oblivion in the coming days and credit card companies will follow suit to what Mastercard has done with their credit cards. A fingerprint scanner, that validates the user, facilitates the money, sans the need to remember a PIN that may not only be susceptible to data theft but at its very best is tiring to remember.

Mastercard's chief of safety and security, Ajay Bhalla is enthusiastic about the product and says that it will be revolutionary in its approach in the modern times, where security is slowly emerging as a cause of concern among the citizens. The goal is, "to deliver additional convenience and security. It is not something that can be taken or replicated."


The issued cards come with their own inbuilt sensors along with the digital template of the user, making it a vast improvement over the previous versions of credit cards that needed the help of a separate fingerprint scanner to carry out the identification process.

Although the technology is primarily going to be used for in-store purchases, your regular online shopping spree will still need to bank on the older methods for transactions till this gets improved by the tech giants.