Maskless Woman Refuses to Leave DMV Because She Wants to 'Accompany Her Boyfriend' [VIDEO]

The woman refuses to wear a mask or leave the premises; says she cannot be told what to do with her body.

A video of a woman without a mask refusing to leave the Department of Motor Vehicles in Mentor, Ohio, because she wants to accompany her boyfriend, is being widely circulated on social media.

The woman, identified as Anna Peric, walked into the DMV along with her boyfriend, Marc, who was there to renew the registration for his vehicles and was asked to leave because she wasn't wearing a mask, despite a sign on the door stating, "Face Coverings Must Be Worn Upon Entering."

'They Can't Tell Me What to do With My Body'

Anna Peric
A still from the video shared by Anna Peric on Facebook. Facebook

Peric started filming after she was asked to leave the premises and told to wait outside as they had exceeded the occupancy limit. Peric shared the video on her Facebook profile along with a lengthy caption saying that she refused to leave because they "cannot tell me what to do with my body."

The clip starts off with Peric arguing with a young female employee. "So I'm accompanying my boyfriend and the young girl said that I need to wear a face mask," she says into the camera before pointing it at the employee, who asks her not to film her without her consent.

'I'm With My Boyfriend'

"Well, I'm accompanying my boyfriend," Peric tells her and she responds by saying, "but you're not doing the same thing he's doing so you have to wait outside."

Peric then reiterates that she's there with her boyfriend. "I'm not doing anything but accompanying my boyfriend," she says to the employee who then walks over to the back to get her supervisor.

"So I guess there's a problem because I'm not going to wear a mask," Peric speaks into the camera before she and Marc are approached by the supervisor, who then tells her to wait outside.

Peric refuses and says she's not going to leave because she's there with her boyfriend. The supervisor then explains to her that they can only accommodate a limited number of people inside due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Peric then asks the details of the agency's occupancy permit.

"You cannot do this with your boyfriend. You have to wear a mask," the supervisor tells her. "I do not," she responds. The man then tells her wearing a face mask is mandatory according to government rules. The state of Ohio has a mask mandate requiring people to wear a mask in public.

"It's a mandate. It's not a law. Your job is not to enforce mandates," she tells him as the manager tries to usher her out the door. "I'm being given a pretty hard time here about not being able to stand next to my boyfriend without wearing a mask," Peric films herself saying as she continues walking towards the counters.

Trump Supporter and Anti-Masker

Anna Peric
Anna Peric with her boyfriend Marc at a rally against the government's mandatory mask rules. Facebook

The supervisor then threatens to call the cops on her as her boyfriend tries to convince her to do as asked. "The cops are going to come here. You don't want that s**t again," he tells her.

The video ends with Peric arguing with other citizens inside the facility who confront her for not wearing a mask and putting their lives at risk. Peric's Facebook profile reveals she's a Trump supporter and has voiced her displeasure over mandatory face mask rules with images of masks with slogans like "Mandatory masks are fascist," and "Forced mask wearing is unconstitutional."

Watch the full clip below:

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