Mary Trump Says President Donald Trump Demonstrates Sociopathic Tendencies

Donald Trump's niece Mary tells Stephen Colbert that the 45th POTUS could not function in the real world on his own.

Mary Trump has taken yet another dig at her uncle Donald Trump when she made her late-night television debut with Stephen Colbert. On the talk show, both Stephen and Mary freely spoke against President Donald Trump and even mocked him for talking about the dementia test.

During Mary Trump's conversation with Stephen Colbert, she said that her uncle, the 45th POTUS, does not deserve any sort of compassion. She even said that she expects some sort of retaliation for writing her shocking book, Too Much and Never Enough.

Mary Trump
Mary Trump has been entangled in a legal battle with her relatives over allegedly violating a non-disclosure agreement by writing the book Peter Serling/Simon & Schuster

Over the years, Colbert has talked about President Trump and his presidency. So, even before starting the conversation, he asked Mary her views on the show. The acclaimed clinical psychologist stated that in her view, the conversations that happen on the show are amazing.

In the book, Too Much and Never Enough, Mary Trump talked about the emotional damage Donald Trump had to endure during his early childhood. Colbert took a dig at this point and asked whether they can provide some sort of comfort to President Trump so that it could become better for the rest of the Americans.

Mary responded by saying that it becomes very difficult to help someone who is unaware of the situation. She added that at this point in President Trump's life, it would be pretty impossible from his side to admit that he has any sort of weakness or incapacity to tackle the responsibilities that comes on his way.

"He also, unfortunately, seems to be surrounded by people who are perfectly happy having him behave the way he behaves now. Whatever their agendas maybe, they're not that interested in making Donald a better person."

Mary Trump's Book
Simon & Schuster, the publisher, said that high demand and curiosity around the book made it decide to bring forward the release date by two weeks YouTube Grab

In addition to this, Mary stated that President Trump has several pathologies and they are extremely complex, while adding that her uncle is clearly "comfortable doing heartless things. Clearly he doesn't seem to be interested in empathy."

Colbert also talked about the cognitive test the president has been talking about lately. In his recent interviews, President Trump claimed he got extra points for remembering a series of five words in the correct order: "person, woman, man, camera, TV."

"It is a test to screen for early signs of dementia, I believe. So you know, we don't know how he did on it, but as far as I'm concerned, his talking about it the way he is talking about it is failing the test," Mary said.

Mary Trump's statement against her uncle resonates with what Democratic presidential nominee and former president Barack Obama talked about in a new campaign video. In a newly released trailer, Joe Biden is heard saying that President Donald Trump cannot relate in any way to Americans' struggle.