Barack Obama and Joe Biden Troll Donald Trump; Full-Length Video to be Released

Former President Barack Obama and his former VP Joe Biden take potshots at President Trump over his response to the COVID crisis.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama recently trolled President Donald Trump in a newly-released campaign video over Trump's response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

In the latest campaign video, Joe Biden can be seen expressing his frustration with President Donald Trump's way of handling the coronavirus crisis. In the video, he is heard saying that Trump "can't relate in any way" to Americans' struggle.

The video, which was reportedly shot earlier this month, is called as a "socially distant" conversation by Joe Biden's team. In their very first in-person appearance, former President Obama and presidential challenger to President Trump, Biden are talking about some of the biggest challenges faced by the Americans in the present times.

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In their chat, Obama and Biden not only included the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but they also weighed in on the economic crisis and discussed ways to address systemic racism.

The full-length video will be released later this week but in the trailer, Obama and Biden can be seen clearly having a go at Donald Trump.

When Biden asks Obama whether he can stand in front of the entire nation as a president and say that he takes no responsibility for what is happening around the country, the 44th POTUS replies "those words didn't come out of our mouths while we were in office."

Joe Biden then slyly states that he does understand Trump's "inability" to get a sense of what people are going through as he (Trump) cannot relate with them in any way. Then we can see Obama replying that it was Biden's ability to relate with the struggle of everyone that drew the former to choose the latter as his running mate a decade ago.

"If you can sit down with a family and see your own family in them, and the struggles that you've gone through or your parents went through or your kids are going through, if you can connect those struggles to somebody else's struggles, then you're going to work hard for them," Obama says to Biden.

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The full-length video featuring Joe Biden and Barack Obama will be released soon. One won't have to wait much longer after that to see how President Donald Trump will react to Biden's campaign.