Man's Head Falls off the Elevated Tracks on Bronx Subway Railway Tracks; Probe On

The unidentified man's head fell off the elevated tracks and landed on a sidewalk, whereas his body remained on the tracks.

An unidentified man died tragically when he was struck by a train on subway tracks in the Bornx, New York. The man was reportedly sitting on the tracks of an elevated subway line when the incident occurred.

The accident was reported at 10.40 PM at the Castle Hill Avenue subway station. Reports claim that his head fell off the elevated tracks and landed on a sidewalk, whereas his body remained on the tracks. The man died on the spot. It is not verified if it was a suicide bid by the unidentified man. More details on the fatal incident are awaited.

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Subway Track Fatal Accidents

In another incident that occurred in May 2021, an Asian man was pushed into the path of an F train at the 21st St.-Queensbridge station in Long Island City, in front of an oncoming train. Cops investigating the matter are trying to find if it was a hate crime.

The assailant was seen muttering under his breath before he pushed the 35-year-old victim in front of the oncoming train. However, the train stopped before running over the victim. But the victim had suffered cuts to his head from the fall. The assailant is said to have run off.

A similar incident was reported in April 15, when a man died after leaping in front of a Brooklyn subway train. The incident occurred at 9 AM at the Livonia Ave. L train platform in Brownsville when a 37-year-old man jumped in front of the oncoming trains as multiple witnesses watched him in shock. The man reportedly died on the spot.

Deaths on Railway Tracks

In another incident that occurred in September 2020, a man leaped out from behind a platform pillar onto the tracks Jamaica-Van Wyck station in Queens at 11:40 PM. The driver hit emergency brakes but couldn't stop it and apparently three cars rolled over the man before the train came to a halt. However, the man crawled from beneath the train and was taken to hospital.

Reports claim that in 2019, at least 62 people died on city subway tracks despite less number of people travelling due to COVID-19 restrictions. In 2020, the number of people who were killed in subway train accidents is said to be 43.

Out of them, 32 people had either jumped off platforms in front of the oncoming train or stood on the tracks before the train arrived. The other 11 cases were not categorized as suicide attempts. Though there were no witnesses to their acts, their bodies were found on the tracks.