Man Who Accepted Fatally Shooting Black Lives Matter Protester Released by Police in Austin [Video]

Last Saturday, during a rally in Austin, a man driving a car shot at a 28-year old man carrying an AK-47 rifle, resulting in the latter's death.

Police in Austin, Texas has released from their custody a man who called 911 and admitted to having shot a protestor during a Black Lives Matter rally on Saturday. This person was driving his car and ended up taking a turn which took him into the midst of protestors. Soon, he was surrounded by them, some of whom started thumping his vehicle.

A 28-year old man, Garrett Foster, who was also part of the rally, approached the stranded vehicle with an AK-47 rifle pointed at the car. The driver of the car took out his own gun and shot Foster, who succumbed to his injuries after being taken to a hospital. As the shooter escaped the scene driving the car out of the crowded area, he too was shot at but didn't suffer any injuries.

Garrett Foster
Garrett Foster with his fiancee Twitter

The shooter than called 911 and informed the police of the incident. He was taken into custody but released after being questioned by officers. Further action would be taken after more investigating is done by the police.

Here's the video of the incident:


The incident has been captured on camera. The police are still investigating why the person who shot Foster took the turn which took him amongst the crowd. The victim was himself a Caucasian who was at the rally with his African-American fiancée.

He was a former airman and his mother told a local channel that her son had bought the AK-47 rifle recently. Foster's fiancée is reported to be mentally scarred by the incident.

Police had not only detained the driver who fired at the 28-year old victim but also a man who fired at the vehicle as it was getting away from the scene of the incident. The other person is also out of custody "pending further investigation," according to the chief of police Brian Manley. They have also seized both the AK-47 held by Foster and the gun used by the person who shot him.

"We are heartbroken over the loss of Mr. Foster last (Saturday) night. It's (the incident) actively being investigated and ongoing in conjunction with the Travis County District Attorney's Office," Manley informed mediapersons through a virtual press conference on Sunday evening.