Man Hides Bullets in Baby Diaper, NY's LaGuardia Airport Officials Shocked After X-Ray Detection

Port Authority police charges him with illegal possession of the ammunition.

A surprising security incident occurred at LaGuardia Airport , New York on Wednesday when security personnel discovered a shocking find—17 bullets cleverly hidden inside a disposable baby diaper. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported that an X-ray machine at a security checkpoint detected the unusual contents, prompting swift action.

Security threat at NY aiport

Upon identifying the alarming discovery, TSA officers promptly removed the seemingly ordinary diaper from the passenger's carry-on bag. The passenger, a man from Arkansas traveling toChicago, initially claimed ignorance about the bullet-filled diaper, later suggesting that his girlfriend was responsible. As a result, the Port Authority police charged him with illegal possession of the 9mm ammunition.

This unsettling incident, however, is not an isolated occurrence. Airports throughout the United States have been grappling with similar security challenges, raising concerns about the effectiveness of current screening methods. Just last month at LaGuardia Airport, TSA agents made a troubling discovery—an unsuspecting pair of Nike shoes concealing a .45-caliber pistol and six bullets inside a checked suitcase.

It's important to note that firearms are allowed in checked luggage as long as they are securely stored in sealed, hard-sided containers, emphasizing the significance of adhering to established regulations.

In a separate incident in April, security personnel found a carry-on bag containing over 100 bullets and a loaded .22-caliber handgun. The traveler, who had recently visited a shooting range, admitted to forgetting about the firearm and ammunition, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Another case from January 2021 highlights the inventive tactics individuals use to bypass security measures. Security checkpoint agents uncovered 13 bullets cleverly hidden within a Mentos chewing gum packet. Packed alongside the gum pieces, the ammunition was linked to a passenger who claimed the bag belonged to his son. TSA responded by filing charges of unauthorized possession of ammunition.

As these incidents unfold, authorities stress the importance of traveler vigilance and strict compliance with regulations to strengthen airport security measures and ensure the safety of all passengers.