Man Hanging From Trump Tower Identified as Eddil Eliev? BLM supporter Demands Audience With Trump

Unidentified man threatens to cut off rope if authorities launch a rescue attempt

A Black Lives Matter supporter of Asian origin is dangling from the 16th floor of Chicago-based Trump Tower demanding an audience with the US President Donald Trump. The man, who is believed to be in his 20's, has threatened to cut off the rope in case a rescue attempt is undertaken by the authorities.

The latest incident brought back the memories of similar stunt performed by a man who tried to climb the Trump Tower in New York in August 2016. The man, who also wanted to speak with Trump, was rescued by the NYPD cops through an open window.

chicago man
chicago man
chicago man
The man dangling from The Trump Tower in Chicago is identified as Eddil Eliev by social media users.

What Are the Demands of the the Man Hanging From Trump Tower?

The unidentified man, who was still dangling at the time of writing this report, posted a Facebook Live after he suspended himself from the 16th floor of the tower using a orange colored rope.

In the Facebook Live, shared by multiple users on social media, the man revealed that he is a member of BLM and wants to talk to Trump before the US Presidential elections.

Threatening to cut the rope and jump in case someone attempts to pull the rope, the man said, "If Trump promises something, he should do [it] before the election. I'm here in Chicago ... one of the most liberal cities in the world and I really respect people who live here. We need to make a big decision. For that, I want to talk with media. And I will say what I want to say for media.

"Mr Trump, if you think I am crazy, I am not crazy. If you will not talk with me, I will cut [the rope]. I don't want to die," he said repeatedly.

Man Identified as Eddil Eliev?

Multiple users on the social media are claiming the man to be one Eddil Eliev. Sharing the screenshots of Eliev's Facebook profile, Insider Paper tweeted: "At end of the Facebook live video recording, it says 'Eddil Eliev was live.' We cannot 100% confirm (we are still investigating) but there is a higher chance that the name of man hanging at Trump Tower is Eddil Eliev - See photos."

Another user, while sharing the screen shot of Eliev going live on Facebook, tweeted: "I'd say there is a very high probability the guy hanging from #TrumpTower is Eddil Eliev."

Towards the end of the video, the man is heard saying that he has a right to speak and right to protest, though he doesn't clarify what he is protesting against.

In a statement issued to Daily Mail, Chicago Police said that CPD, SWAT, and CFD personnel responded to the call of an unknown male threatening suicide and dangling from a rope on the 16th-floor balcony of a residential building/hotel.