Man gets 100 Years in Prison for Torturing and Aiding Mother in Murder of 15-Yr-Old Autistic Brother

Mother also receives life in prison without parole

Michigan resident Paul Ferguson faced a severe sentence of 30 to 100 years in prison after admitting to the torment and starvation of his autistic younger brother. Judge Matthew Kacel delivered the verdict, prompting Ferguson's shocked reaction, including a physical reaction of retching in court.

Autistic boy killed

Ferguson was convicted of first-degree child abuse in connection to the tragic death of his 15-year-old brother, Timothy, who endured similar abuse at the hands of Vander Ark.

Timothy, who sadly passed away in July 2022, was severely underweight at just 32 kilograms. He suffered cruel punishments from his mother and elder brother, including force-feeding with hot sauce, sleep deprivation, and food deprivation. Disturbing text messages Vandar Ark and Ferguson found by investigators revealed discussions about inflicting further harm, including pouring hot sauce on Timothy's genitals.

Timohy's mother Vander Ark received a life sentence without parole in January after being found guilty of murder and child abuse in relation to Timothy's death. Her emotional breakdown in court, vomiting upon seeing images of Timothy's condition, was witnessed by the jury.

Timothy, who faced challenges with speech and motor skills due to autism, endured additional torment, such as lengthy ice baths and confinement in a small, surveilled closet. Ferguson's involvement included subjecting Timothy to a nearly nine-hour ice bath, which he disclosed during his testimony against his mother.

Despite testifying, Judge Kacel doubted Ferguson's remorse, indicating a lack of repentance for his actions.