Man claims to have travelled from future to warn world of alien invasion

The man claimed that he has travelled from the year 2048.

alien invasion

One Bryant Johnson of the western U.S. state Wyoming has claimed to be out of this world...literally. Johnson has been arrested for indulging in public intoxication after, allegedly, he told the police that he has travelled from the year 2048 to warn the world of an alien invasion.

The police arrested him from a street in Casper, where Johnson repeatedly claimed to be a human from the future. As per KCWY, he said that he was trying to warn the people in the town that aliens or extraterrestrial beings are going to arrive there next year. The town is in danger, everyone needs to evacuate the town and he needs to speak with the president of the town as soon as possible, said Bryant Johnson, according to the KCWY report.

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Reportedly, he told the law enforcement officials that he has arrived in 2017 by mistake; instead, he was supposed to travel to 2018. He alleged that aliens had made him consume alcohol and stand on a giant pad to transport him to the past.

According to the police, the future alien informant smelled of alcohol, had watery and bloodshot eyes and his speech was indistinct...alien intoxication may be? Hmm!

This article was first published on October 5, 2017