Alien encounter? 6 UFOs fly past ISS before NASA cuts the live stream abruptly

Six large UFO were seen flying past the ISS while NASA was filming a live feed.


Six large unidentified flying objects (UFO) appeared to fly past the International Space Station (ISS) while NASA was filming a live feed. Suspiciously, the video went dead right after the UFOs appeared.

Fishy isn't it? Yes, the conspiracy theorists also think that way. They believe NASA is again trying to cover up and it is allegedly trying to hide evidence of alien existence.

The 31-second footage taken from the ISS live feed appears to show six large glowing orbs creeping past the space station. The footage then mysteriously cuts to the space station briefing room.

Video credit: Dark Horse News

In the live video, the UFOs are seen moving from the right of the screen towards the left. The video shows the outside of the lit up International Station (ISS) floating in the dark abyss of space. At the six-second mark, the first 'floating orb' appears in the frame - with the rest of the fleet following shortly after.

Originally spotted by a UFO spotter known as Streetcap1, the clip was shared with a group of UFO experts called SecureTeam10. They then made an investigation using the slow motion of the footage when the UFOs appear and shared their findings online.

As per a report on Daily Mail, the team says that the video shows what looks like 'a fleet of unidentified flying objects moving in the distance behind the International Space Station'. According to Tyler, one of the members of the Secure Team, judging from the distance the size of the objects would be fairly large and NASA cannot reject this occurrence this time by simply calling the objects ice particles, as they generally do to avoid the topic. "we must be looking at icebergs." Said Tyler, mocking NASA's typical stand on UFOs.

Although many experts have several possible explanations for the event, alien hunters are pretty sure these balls of light were UFOs.

A former NASA employee, James Oberg, has reportedly tried to explain it as 'space dandruff'.

According to Oberg, who was employed by NASA in the late 1990s, in 1996, the NASA STS-75 shuttle blasted off on a 15-day mission, with a mission to transport a tether with a satellite at the end that could conduct electricity. Unfortunately, the tether broke, leading to the loss of the satellite. However, the strangest sequence was a cloud of ice crystals floating ahead of and around the tether, almost like dandruff, that many believed were UFOs.

'It is astonishing how many UFOs are seen buzzing around the ISS, but like this video there is usually a simple explanation for them,' Nigel Watson, UFO expert and author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline.

As of now, the world is divided when it comes to extraterrestrial objects or UFOs. Only time will tell whether they are real or just a figment of some highly imaginative science-fiction-reading mind!

This article was first published on February 18, 2017