Is India hiding some alien contact mystery from public?

Recently, the capital of India, New Delhi is witnessing two factions of arguments regarding a debate on aliens.


It has been quite a while now that extraterrestrial debates are plaguing government agencies all over the world: from leaks to whistleblowers; some secret or the other is being unearthed with every passing day. Recently, the capital of India, New Delhi is witnessing two factions of arguments regarding a hush-hush debate on contact with extraterrestrials or aliens.

Here is more about the debate:

Though is not proved, but it is said that there have been an increasing amount of extraterrestrial sightings with UFOs and aliens through out the world. Some claim that a secret UFO base has been found in the Himalayas in the vicinity of other Chinese bases. In a report by, aliens have landed in the Ladakh Province of India. "In Ladakh, a province in India, the locals have claimed that it was an everyday occurrence for large triangular spaceships to come up from the ground with Indian security forces protecting them," said the report.

Many military officials and politicians have also claimed that contact with extraterrestrials has been achieved, but they are not ready to officially announce it because it might cause terror and panic among citizens.

But why is India being silent on the issue? Is it only to maintain peace and order and avoid a stuation where citizens might feel scared and insecure? Or does it also have to do with political peacekeeping with other countries?

Experts argue that if public gets to know about it there will be a havoc. Firstly, if people got to know about the truth through unofficial means then it would lead to nationwide chaos and a chance of the government being overthrown will not be far-fetched. Moreover, with the recent influx of world leaders into the country, it is widely doubted whether a official announcement on this issue will ever be made.

From Russian President Putin to major Senators of America and officials from the European Union, India has hosted many important people in the recent months. India's nuclear programs, which were sanctioned before have been lifted; contracts from major IT companies and call-center industry have come to India. A permanent membership at the UN Security Council is also being speculated with the growing power of India.

Now, the question remains as to whether India will keep silent on the issue of extraterrestrial to keep the growing power secured or come out with transparency to the citizens. Only time will reveal what stance the government of the country adopts.

This article was first published on June 9, 2017