Man claims to have built Time Machine at home but shows junk

Time machine
Videograb of time machine? YouTube/Apex TV

A man who revealed himself as David has claimed that he has built a time machine from the comfort of his home. The man also claimed that he has travelled across time many times, after dedicating his entire life to make his passion come true.

Apex TV, in the video, revealed that their news team has travelled to Slovenia to shoot the interview of this time traveller. Since its upload a day ago, the video has attracted more than 42,000 views.

David's story of time travel

During the interview, David revealed that he was very much obsessed with the concept of time travel since childhood, and this compelled him to study various laws and theories of physics.

After eight years of experiment, David said he came across a French man named Jack Cousteau who joined him in developing the time machine. David revealed that Cousteau already had a time machine which ran on both electricity and water.

After developing the time machine in 1928, the duo apparently travelled to the future and the past.

In the video interview given to Apex TV, David shows the time machine he used to travel across time. The video features different parts of the time machine including a remote control, a small display, a laptop-like screen, and keyboard.

"Very interesting indeed. Great interview as always guys! The time machine is very reminiscent of something from the steampunk era with slight hints of the classic ideas of technology of future interpretations from classic sci-fi movies. The interviewee seems very knowledgeable of the inner workings of the machine. We are grateful he was willing to take the time to share it, everyone," commented a YouTube user named Sandboxten.

However, skeptics said that the video is fabricated, and the alleged time machine featured in the video is nothing but an open laptop. They also added that Apex TV could have tried travelling on the time machine to check its authenticity.