Canadian Man Caught with His Pants Down, Erect Penis Exposed Near Tied, Lubed Up Miniature Pony After Coke Binge

Police officers responded to reports of a break-in to find the man exposing his erect penis with his pants around his ankles and the miniature pony 's genitalia appearing shiny.

A man was charged with attempted bestiality and breaking-and-entering after he was caught by Ottawa police with his pants down, standing next to a miniature pony that had been tied up and lubed with massage oil.

Ryan Dodd, 30, was found guilty of both charges during his criminal trial last week over the incident which took place in January 2019.

Police Caught Dodd with His Erect Penis Exposed Next to the Pony

Miniature pony
Miniature pony (For representational purposes only). Pixabay

Ottawa police responded to reports of a break-in early on Jan. 5, 2019, and when they arrived on the scene they found Dodd in a stall with his pants dropped down and his erect penis exposed next to the pony, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

"I'm sorry, it's not what it looks like," Dodd told the responding officers who told him to put his pants on, which he then put on backwards, saying, "This is embarrassing."

The police noted an "overwhelming" smell of scented body oil and that the pony's genitalia appeared "shiny." Dodd admitted to the officers that he had been drinking and did two lines of coke before breaking into the barn.

Police also recovered an empty bottle of body oil and rope, which had been used to restrain the animal around her neck and hind quarters. In addition, officers found a pink silicone vagina replica that was used for masturbation in the pocket of Dodd's hoodie.

Medical Examination Revealed No Signs of Sexual Assault

An examination bya veterinarian revealed no trauma to the pony's vaginal area or rectum. Also, there were no traces of semen or oil in the vagina. The medical examination also showed no other signs of sexual assault. The vet noted a "copious oily, perfumed substance" on the rump and found that the pony's vulva was abnormally clean.

The Ottawa Assistant Crown Attorney could only prove attempted bestiality as Dodd defence was that he had only broken into the barn to masturbate and had brought his own replica vagina. Dodd will be subjected to a sexual behaviour assessment while he awaits sentencing and is expected to appeal the case later this year.

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