Machine Gun Kelly and UFC Champ Conor McGregor Engage in Wild Fight on VMA's Red Carpet [VIDEO]

One photograph shows Kelly's girlfriend, Megan Fox standing in front of the rapper and trying to control him by placing her hands on his chest.

Machine Gun Kelly and UFC champ Conor McGregor got into a dirty fight just before the broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. The video of the scuffle since has gone viral on social media with fans of both the celebrities now engaged in blame game.

In other photos taken on the night of the gala, McGregor, 33, and the "My Bloody Valentine" singer, 31, can be seen yelling at one another at on the red carpet. In the video, McGregor is seen seemingly throwing a punch at Kelly. Kelly's girlfriend, Megan Fox, can be seen standing in front of the rapper, trying to hold him back.

Wild Red Carpet Fight

McGregor throwing punches
McGregor throwing punches at Kelly Twitter

Video and photos show the UFC champion and the rapper being pulled apart by security officials after the scuffle broke out. It is not known what exactly led to the scuffle on the red carpet but McGregor can be seen yelling and even blowing a punch at Kelly.

One photograph shows Kelly's girlfriend, Megan Fox standing in front of the rapper and trying to control him by placing her hands on his chest. Meanwhile, McGregor was separated by the security guards. According to Page Six, Our source said that McGregor threw his drink at Kelly.

"They scuffled then it settled down and Conor went for him again," the source said, adding, that the photographers "weren't happy" and were "saying they were going to boycott Conor because they were worried MGK and Megan wouldn't walk."

Another source told us that security had to get involved and "everyone was screaming."

"[McGregor] was ready to throw fists," the second source said, adding, "Security was having trouble holding him back."

Even the video shows McGregor throwing his fists at Kelly. According to TMZ, the fight started after Kelly refused to pose for a photo with the Irish UFC fighter. Sources said that McGregor stumbled, spilled his drink then threw the remainder at Kelly.

Out of Control

McGregor-Kelly fight
McGregor and Kelly in a scuffle Twitter

Although the fight lasted for just a few second, both Kelly and McGregor became the center of gossip at the music awards gala. Minutes after the scuffle, Kelly, who was nominated, and later won, for his hit "My Ex's Best Friend" featuring Blackbear, stopped by Variety's red carpet spot where he was asked what happened, but declined to answer.

The video doing the rounds on social media only shows the last few second of the fight before the two men are separated. The real reason behind the fight is still unclear, with eyewitnesses coming up with different versions.

An eyewitness told Variety that McGregor was trying to approach Kelly, who was standing in line for red carpet photos, when the he was stopped and pushed by the rapper's security.

McGregor Kelly Megan Fox
Megan fox trying to hold back Kelly as McGregor throws a punch at him Twitter

The eyewitness further said that Kelly "sort of snarled" at McGregor, who was walking the carpet with a cane following a recent injury in the ring. He then "fell back and dropped his cane." McGregor, however, held onto most of his drink, though, yelling something along the lines of "that f***ing punk punched me."

However, none of the two have spoken about the exact reason that led to the scuffle. "Conor only fights fighters," his rep told Page Six in a statement.

Kelly's rep did not immediately respond. That said, both seemingly recovered quickly from the fight as Kelly was seen walking the red carpet with Fox soon after. The pair couldn't keep their hands off each other and were seen showing serious PDA as they posed for photographers. Fox wore a barely-there Mugler dress that grabbed quite a few eyeballs.

McGregor walked the red carpet wearing a pink sports jacket alongside girlfriend Dee Devlin.