China Mocks US with Video Showing Taliban Fighters Turning US Military Planes into Toys [VIDEO]

The video mocking the United States for its withdrawal of troop form Afghanistan was posted on Twitter by Chinese governmental official Lijian Zhao on Thursday.

The President Joe Biden administration is already being facing backlash for its poor handling of the decision to withdraw troop from Afghanistan. And now China has taken a dig at the United States by posting a video sharing footage that supposedly shows Taliban fighters turning abandoned US military planes into toys.

Understandably, China's idea is to mock the United States and it has so far been successful in its attempt, with the video going viral on social media. The hilarious video shows Taliban fighters instead of capturing the abandoned weapons and aircraft are playing with them as if they are toys.

Yet another Insult

The video mocking the United States, especially the Biden administration, for its withdrawal of troop form Afghanistan was posted on Twitter by Chinese governmental official Lijian Zhao, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, on Thursday.

"The graveyard of EMPIRES and their WAR MACHINES. Talibans have turned their planes into swings and toys," Zhao tweeted alongside the video. The video shows Taliban fighters turning the wing of an abandoned aircraft by the U.S troops into a makeshift swing and enjoying a ride.

They can also be heard laughing and mocking the United States. They are then seen taking turns and pushing one man into the air as he breaks out in laughter sitting on the swing. The rest of the men are seen surrounding him and watching in awe.

There are also other damaged aircraft lying nearby. This is China's latest attempt to mock the United States after Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban took control of the country in just days.

United States Humiliated

China Mocking US
Video posted by China that mocks the US for the way they withdrew from Afghanistan Twitter

The new video once again shows how the Taliban captured all the military equipment along with armored vehicles, aircraft and helicopters after the U.S. troops left the war-torn country. China is just taking the opportunity to mock the United States for its mishandling of the situation.

Even before the U.S. troops had completely evacuated Afghanistan, the Taliban have been brazenly showing off the US military equipment abandoned by troops. The US troops left Afghanistan but left behind a huge arsenal of weapons including military equipment to fighter jets to an entire arsenal of arms and ammunition.

At least 73 planes have been abandoned at Kabul airport that will never be able to fly again. Also, China has time and again shown its support for Taliban. In fact, a few days ago, China had announced $31 million as aid to Afghanistan, its first after Taliban seized power.

It is immediately known where the video was shot but the scene is the same everywhere in Afghanistan. The value of the weapons and equipment abandoned by the United States was also not immediately known, but it is likely to be in the tens of millions of dollars.