Love Mechanics 2022 Ending Explained, Episode 10 (Finale); New Obstacles and Misunderstandings

Love Mechanics 2022 ending featured the romantic relationship between Mark and Vee. The onscreen couple tried to convince their parents and get their approval. Though it was not easy to persuade Mark's father, they managed to do it with the help of Vee's parents and his brother.

However, the last episode of this BL drama took the viewers through an emotional rollercoaster of events as it followed Mark and Vee. Episode 10 began by featuring a heated argument between Mark and his father. Mark's father was furious with his son after seeing him with Vee in his hostel room. He was not convinced and tried to drag him to their house.

But Mark's mother convinced her husband to meet Vee's parents before making a decision. His father became confident about his decision after finding out about Vee's financial status. The businessman said his only son could never be happy in life with Vee. He walked out of his house. On their way back home, a group of men attacked them, and Vee's father reached out for their help with his son.

Love Mechanics
A poster of the Thai BL drama Love Mechanics. Twitter

Mark's parents were brought back to Vee's house for treatment and to repair their car. On that night, Vee's father spoke to Mark's father and assured him that the children would be happy together. Finally, the couple got their parents' approval in their romantic relationship.

Suspicious Partner

Vee and Mark began to live together in the hostel. Gradually, Vee started spending evenings with his friends, and Mark became suspicious. He discussed the matter with his friends, and they suggested a breakup. So, Mark followed Vee in the evening and saw his lover working as a part-timer.

Mark hid the truth from Vee that he discovered his secret and started admiring his lover. Eventually, Vee revealed his secret to Mark and officially proposed to him. Mark became emotional and started crying with joy. The mini-series ended by featuring a happy ending for the onscreen couple.