'Love Alarm' Actress Go Min Si's Photo of Drinking at a Bar Underage Goes Viral; Actress Apologizes

Popularly known as Park Gul Mi of 'Love Alarm', Go Min Si has tendered a personal apology for her past action.

Photos of actress Go Min Si of Love Alarm fame drinking at a bar when she was underage are going viral. The actress took to Instagram to issue a personal apology. She admitted to have indulged in drinking when she was a minor and said that she will try to walk a more righteous path.

The photos being circulated were taken in 2011 and Go Min Si was 17-years-old then. The actress apologized for the same and also said that she was aware of her past actions and wanted to take full responsibility for the same.

Go Min Si
Actress Go Min Si in the drama Love Alarm. [Inset: Photo of the actress drinking at a bar] Instagram/Twitter

Go Min Si Wants to Take Responsibility

In her Instagram post, this is what Go Min Si wrote: "Hello, this is Go Min Si. First of all, I would like to apologize for greeting you with such a disagreeable post, as well as for causing a disturbance with the photo of me drinking when I was a minor."

"I believe that there were some of those who would have hoped that it was not me in the photo, and those who would rather wanted me to come forward. I also personally feel that it is not right to let such things pass, with the excuses that I was young, immature, and that it was all in the past," she said.

Admitting to her wrongdoings, Go Min Si said: "I am aware that some of you will be hurt with a scar that cannot quite be described in words from this incident. I acknowledge that my past actions shape who I am today, and I take full responsibility for myself in the past."

'Walking the Righteous Path'

She said that her post might not relay her sincerity, but she wanted to apologize to those who were hurt by this incident. "I will do my best to walk a more mature and righteous path," the actress said.

Go Min Si debuted in 2016 with the web drama 72 Second Drama. But she became with her role as Park Gul Mi in in Netflix original series Love Alarm, Love Alarm 2 and Sweet Home. Currently, Go Min Si has been cast as the female lead in the drama Youth of May opposite Lee Do Hyun. The script reading session was held on May 17 and the production house of the drama has not responded to the news yet.

Recently, allegations of bullying against some actors have cost them their careers. Fearing public outcry Kim Ji Soo was asked to leave the ongoing drama River Where The Moon Rises, April's Naeun had to quit the drama Taxi Driver, Park Hye Su starrer drama Dear.M was postponed indefinitely and (G)I-DLE's Soojin had to halt all her activities. However, Soojin's agency has submitted all evidences that prove her innocence and the star is said to be taking legal action against those who made false allegations.

Here is the full text of Go Min Si's apology on her Instagram handle.

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