After Jisoo and Naeun, Now Park Hye Su's Career in Trouble Over Bullying Allegations

The drama Dear.M has been postponed indefinitely. It is not clear if Park Hye Su will continue to play the lead role in the drama.

Bullying allegations have cost a number of Korean actors their careers. Currently, three actors are facing the brunt of bullying allegations. Kim Ji Soo has quit the ongoing drama and will be enlisting for military with no more projects in hand. April's Neun was also thrown out of drama Taxi Driver. Now, the drama Dear.M has postponed streaming indefinitely after its lead female actress Park Hye Su was named in bullying allegations.

Kim Ji Soo had to quit the ongoing drama River Where The Moon Rises after he admitted to bullying allegations by his schoolmates. Though 80 percent of the drama was already shot, it is being filmed again with Na In Woo playing the role of On Dal, previously played by Ji Soo.

Ji Soo Park Hye Su
South Korean actors Ji Soo and Park Hye Su. Instagram/Twitter

In the same way, April's Naeun was accused of bullying their former teammate Hyunjoo that led to the singer being cut from the drama Taxi Driver. Though her agency DSP media refuted the claims and said that bullying allegations were false, the production of the drama Taxi Driver paid heed to the public reactions and replaced Naeun with Pyo Ye Jin. Around 60 percent of the drama was already shot, but the production house does not want to take any risks and is re-filming Naeun's portion with Pyo Ye Jin.

Dear.M Postponed Indefinitely

Now, the latest reports claim that airing of Dear.M has been postponed indefinitely. The slot will be filled by the drama Imitation. Speaking to Hankook Ilbo, a source from KBS confirmed the news and said: "Imitation will premiere on May 7. We're still in discussion regarding the schedule for the Friday drama Dear.M."

The drama Dear.M was supposed to release on February 26, but was delayed due to bullying allegations against Park Hye Su. However, now it has been postponed indefinitely and it is not sure even if it airs in the future, Park Hye Su will be a part of it.

Park Hye Su had addressed bullying allegations and clearly stated that she was the one being bullied in the middle school and it was not the other way round. In a detailed Instagram post she explained that the person who had made allegations against her had bullied her initially and later they had become friends. Those who posted allegations against Park Hye Su stated: "Dozens of Park Hye Su's victims have never requested money. What we want is a sincere apology from Park Hye Su herself."

Bullying Allegations False: DSP Media

Reacting to this, actress's agency DSP Media released a statement: "The individuals' claims of Park Hye Su's alleged school violence are obviously false. These claims do not correspond with objective evidence and even do not match their past words and actions. Thus, they are contradicting themselves."

It can also be remembered that former AOA member Kwon Mina had accused her senior in the team Ji Min of harassment. Mina had even slashed her wrists and was admitted to the hospital. This had led to hate messages bombarding Ji Min's account and she ended up quitting AOA as well as the entertainment industry.