Love Alarm 2: Will Kim So Hyun Choose Jung Ga Ram Over Song Kang? Cast, Premiere, Streaming Details

Actor Jung Ga Ram was not present during the press meet of Love Alarm 2 as he has enlisted for the military.

After a long wait, Love Alarm 2 is set to premiere on March 12 on tvN and Netflix. The relationship between Kim So Hyun – Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram gets more complicated with the launch of updated version of Love Alarm [2.0]. The first season of the drama ended with a crucial point with Kim So Hyun's alarm ringing with the presence of both Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram, not knowing for whom her heart was beating.

The second season of the drama Love Alarm was initially supposed to release in the first half of 2020. But due to the pandemic, the filming was delayed. Netflix had renewed the drama for the second season in October 2019. In fact, Love Alarm was the first Korea series released on the streaming platform as Netflix originals. It even ranked as one of Netflix's top releases.

Love Alarm 2
Poster of the drama Love Alarm 2 starring Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram. Instagram

The drama Love Alarm 2 begins four years later. By now, a lot of things have changed. The app has been updated to 2.0 version that provides a list of "people who you'll like" and "people who'll like you" to the users of the app. The first version of the app only notified whether someone within the range of a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings.

Cast and Plot

Most of the characters will reprise their roles in the second season of the drama. Kim So Hyun will play Kim Jo Jo, Song Kang will play Hwang Sun Oh and Jung Ga Ram will continue to play the role of Lee Hye Young. Go Min Si will play Jo Jo's cousin and Kim Shi Eun will be seen as Sun Oh's girlfriend. Apart from them, Shim Yi Young, Ki Do Hoon, Bae Da Bin, Lee Do Eun also play vital roles in the drama.

Talking about the second season, Kim So Hyun said: "They were in season one, but the characters have been developed further to show how they changed." Directors of the drama Lee Na Jung and Kim Jin Woo said: "You can expect a more mature romance in the second season."

Despite her feelings for Sun Oh, Jo Jo decides to be with Hye Young who cannot ring Jo Jo's Love Alarm. In four years, Sun Oh has a girlfriend, but still can't forget Jo Jo and is drawn towards her. The latest video shows Hye Young saying, "I don't care even if that thing doesn't ring," but believes that he will be able to ring Jo Jo's love alarm in the future. Not being able to give up, Sun Oh doesn't believe that Jo Jo has no feelings for him and says "I'll only trust your eyes from now on." Whereas, Jo Jo says, "I confessed for the first time."

With tension growing and Jo Jo in confusion about whom she should chose, distance between friends Sun Oh and Hye Young grows. Love Alarm will have six episodes. Each episode is of 50 minutes duration and will be aired on Fridays.

Jung Ga Ram was not present during the press meet of Love Alarm 2 because he is serving in the military. He enlisted for the military on October 12, 2020. Currently, Song Kang is playing the lead role in the drama Navillera. He plays a ballet dancer in the drama that is set for release on March 22.

River Where The Moon Rises

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun is playing the lead role in the ongoing drama River Where The Moon Rises. The drama starred Ji Soo opposite So Hyun. Due to bullying and sexual assault allegations, Ji Soo has been dropped from the drama after airing six episodes.

His role has been cut down to minimum in episodes 7 and 8. Ji Soo has been replaced by Na In Woo of Mr Queen fame. Thus, henceforth Na In Woo will be seen as Kim So Hyun's love interest, On Dal, in the drama River Where The Moon Rises.