Louisiana Woman Tied to Steering Wheel, Stabbed to Death on Instagram Live For Stealing Drugs [GRAPHIC]

A Louisiana woman was stabbed to death on a Facebook Live video after her killer allegedly tied her hands to a car steering wheel using jumper cables, cops and reports said Tuesday.

Earl Lee Johnson Jr., 35, was arrested for the murder of Janice David, 34, who was found dead with multiple stab wound in a car at 9:52 p.m. Monday, Baton Rouge Police Department said.

Johnson Stabbed David on Instagram Live After Accusing Her of Stealing Drugs

Janice David murder
Earl Lee Johnson Jr. seen stabbing Janice David in an Instagram Live video. Twitter

In a video Johnson streamed on Instagram Live, he appeared to have been on a days-long "drug binge" as he showed himself stabbing, choking and torturing David. The livestream lasted about 15 minutes, according to Sgt. L'Jean McKneely, a spokesman for the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Johnson put his phone on the dashboard and recorded himself beating Ms. David, all while appearing to "talk to people watching online, making mention about what he was doing," McKneely said. A horrific clip showing part of the incident shows Johnson accuse David of stealing drugs, while she mutters in agreement. He is then seen stabbing David with a knife wrapped in an orange cloth.

The video footage is extremely graphic in nature and we will not be embedding it in this article but you can find the clip here (viewer discretion is advised).

"Apparently they were involved in some drug usage together for a couple of days and the end result — as everyone has seen on Facebook Live — is a very gruesome, very evil act," McKneely said before adding that Johnson and David had been using heroin and methamphetamine. Authorities are still trying to determine how they knew each other.

Johnson Admitted to 'Killing Someone,' Tried to Set the Car on Fire

Earl Lee Johnson Jr. and Janice David
Earl Lee Johnson Jr. and Janice David Facebook

The Baton Rouge Police Department said it learned of the attack hours after officers had already arrested Johnson on Monday afternoon in connection with an unrelated theft of a vehicle, where he injured himself during a police pursuit.

The Louisiana State Police was notified on Monday by Meta, the company that owns Instagram, of a video that showed Johnson attacking Ms. David, the police said. Meta had learned of the violent video from a user who notified the company.

State troopers later found the car where the recorded attack appeared to have occurred, McKneely said. They then told the Baton Rouge police of their findings. McKneely said that when Johnson was asked about the attack while in police custody, he admitted to "killing someone."

McKneely also noted that Johnson tried to set the car on fire while David's body was inside the vehicle. Johnson had previously been convicted of armed robbery in 2007 and was sentenced to 15 years behind bars.