Amália and Amanda Alves: Brazilian Twin Sisters Shot in Their Heads in Gang Execution Livestreamed on Instagram

The two 18-year old sisters — locally known as Amália and Amanda Alves — were shot dead because they reportedly "knew too much" about a drug deal.

Twin sisters in Brazil were reportedly made to kneel before being fatally shot in the back of their heads in a horrific gang-related double execution that was livestreamed on Instagram. The two 18-year old sisters — locally known as Amália and Amanda Alves — were shot dead because they "knew too much" about a drug deal, it is claimed.

Footage of the horrifying gangland shooting has since been viewed thousands of times, according to Brazilian media. A teen suspect has been arrested in northeast Brazil in connection with the murders of the Alves sisters.

Shot in Their Backs

Amália Alves and Amanda Alves
Amália Alves and Amanda Alves were fatally shot in their heads which was livestreamed Twitter

According to local media, the two sisters, both said to be mothers, came to know "too much" about a drug deal, thus posing danger for the cartel. The cartel got to know about it and decided to execute them so that they don't approach police.

The two were then both dragged out of their homes and then taken on the side of the road behind a property complex in Pacajus where they were executed in cold blood, with the entire episode being livestreamed on Instagram.

Both the women were apparently forced to hold up their hair in a bun before a shot each was fired in their heads from behind. Police have launched an investigation but haven't yet given a motive behind the executions.

Amália and Amanda Alves
Both Amália and Amanda were ordered to tie their hair in buns before they were shot from behind Instagram

Their bodies were discovered hours later. The footage of the gory murders has gone viral in Brazil, according to local media. According to local newspaper, Jornal de Brasília,the twin sisters were killed because they were posing a threat to local drug dealers.

Police later arrested Mateus Abreu, 17, who reportedly fired the shots behind the heads of Amália and Amanda.

No Mercy

After firing one shot each in their heads, Abreu fired two more shots at one of the girls and subsequently stood over the other victim and pumped four more bullets at her. The bodies were discovered by people in the neighborhood, who informed police.

Mateus Abreu
Mateus Abreu, 17, is has been arrested who is believed to have carried out the executions Facebook

Abreu had already fled the scene by then but was later arrested by Ceará Civil Police on Wednesday after they watched the video. It is not known if Abreu is the gang leader or just a member as the investigation is still on.

Brazilian newspaper Diario do Noreste reported that Abreu had seven prior arrests for unlawful possession of a gun, theft and intentional bodily injury in 2020 and this year.

Amália leaves behind a six-month-old son, while her sister Amanda is survived by a three-year-old daughter, the Sun reported. No further details about the families of the two women have been revealed. It's also not known if the twin sisters were into drug peddling and smuggling or had any past criminal records.