Louisiana Man Arrested for Chaining Pregnant Fiancée in Bedroom After Accusing Her of Infidelity

A Louisiana man chained his fiancée in the bedroom after accusing her of cheating on him, according to police.

Robert Allen McCrary, 30, is accused of placing an 8 1/2 foot chain around each of the woman's wrists with padlocks, according to Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft.

Victim Flagged Down Police After Escaping

Robert Allen McCrary
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Craft said authorities first began investigating disturbance at a residence in Leesville around 5:45 p.m. on June 22. Deputies found McCrary and his father arguing because McCrary had accused his fiancée of infidelity, KPLC reports.

Deputies were able to calm both men down and departed the scene, but Vernon Parish dispatchers notified them that a woman had arrived at the Sheriff's Office in connection with the disturbance call.

The woman flagged down a driver, who happened to be an off-duty deputy, Craft said. Because the woman had a chain padlocked to her wrists and because of injuries to her face, the deputy brought the woman to the Sheriff's Office.

According to Craft, the woman was chained in the bedroom for three days before getting free when McCrary chained her to the kitchen table while he went outside and argued with a neighbor.

McCrary Continuously Accused Fiancée of Being Unfaithful

The woman told authorities that she is McCrary's fiancée, and that he continuously accuses her of being unfaithful, Craft said. She said his paranoia led him to chain her, Craft said. She told authorities that she has an infant child and is currently pregnant.

The woman said McCrary chained her to a clothes line that stretched across the bedroom and locked the chain so she could not leave the bedroom, Craft said. McCrary would on occasion walk her out into the yard while holding onto the chain, she told deputies. The woman said McCrary would examine her and become angry, saying he could smell evidence of another man on her, Craft said.

Robert McCrary and his fiancée
Robert McCrary and his fiancée Facebook

Craft said the woman had numerous discolorations and bruises on her face and head. She said McCrary slapped and hit her in the face, causing her to strike her face against an air conditioning unit, Craft said.

Deputies returned to the home and arrested McCrary, who said it was the woman's idea to be kept chained inside of the residence, Craft said. McCrary was arrested on one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic abuse battery. Deputies also noted that the woman appears to suffer from some sort of cognitive impairment.