Who Is Gaylyn Morris? Indiana Woman Tracks Cheating Boyfriend Using Apple AirTag and Kills Him by Running Over with Her Car

According to police, Morris allegedly ran over her boyfriend Andre Smith, 26, with her vehicle around 12:30 am on Friday in the parking lot of an Indianapolis pub called Tilly's.

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An Indiana woman has been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly tracking down her cheating boyfriend using an Apple AirTag and then running over him with her car. Gaylyn Morris, 26, tracked her boyfriend with another woman by using the Apple AirTag and then rammed him over thrice with her car, killing him instantly.

According to police, Morris allegedly ran over her boyfriend Andre Smith, 26, with her vehicle around 12:30 am on Friday in the parking lot of an Indianapolis pub called Tilly's. Apple's AirTag is a tracking gadget designed to assist in the recovery of misplaced goods such as keys and other personal items.

Cruel Revenge

Andre Smith
Andre Smith was run over by Morris thrice, killing him instantly Twitter

According to court documents, Morris was arrested on Friday after she used an Apple AirTag and GPS to track Smith to Tilly's Pub in Indianapolis, according to Fox News. Morris over the past few days had grown suspicious that Smith was cheating on her.

"Officers arrived and located Mr. Smith laying on the ground underneath a vehicle," Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement. "It appeared he was struck by the vehicle. Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) Engine Company 6 responded and unfortunately pronounced the Mr. Smith deceased at the scene."

According to the investigators, one of the witnesses said that Morris pretended to be Smith's girlfriend and told her that he was cheating on her. Morris told the witness said that she planned to beat up the other woman with an empty wine bottle.

Andre Smith
Andre Smith Twitter

According to the affidavit, Morris allegedly grabbed an empty wine bottle and swung it at the other woman after arriving at Tilly's. However, Smith caught it and physically intervened between the two ladies.

The three were then asked to leave the bar but the other woman stayed behind and waited for a food order. Morris and Smith then went outside and she got into the car to mow him down, investigators said.

Cold-Blooded Murder

A witness later told the police that she was at the bar when she saw Morris pulling forward and clipping Smith with her car in the parking lot. "And he went down, at which time... [Morris] then backed over him and then pulled forward and hit him for the third time," the probable cause affidavit states.

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

However, Morris didn't stop there. After exiting her vehicle, Morris allegedly attempted to go after the woman.

However, police reached the scene by that time and intervened and arrested her. The woman who had been at the pub with Smith at the time of the event was unharmed in the incident.

Smith died as a result of being purposefully run over, according to the Marion County Coroner's Office. According to the Indianapolis Star, Morris has been charged with murder, but the Marion County Prosecutor's Office will determine the ultimate charges.

The incident happened at the Tilly's pub Twitter

According to local authorities, the Marion County Prosecutor's Office will review the charges and determine whether any more should be filed. According to Law and Crime, the suspect is set to appear in court for the first time on Tuesday.

The incident once again shows how technology can be misused. Apple AirTags are coin-sized gadgets that may be attached to keys, backpacks, handbags, and other items to help people find them if they're missing using their iPhone.

However, Apple AirTags are being extensively misused these days. Stalkers are also using the $30 device to track people.

AirTag Twitter

Apple assured customers that AirTags would prevent "unwarranted tracking" by informing a nearby iPhone when an AirTag was separated from its owner when it was released in April 2021. For example, if someone places an AirTag on a car but does not get in, the driver of the car should be notified that an AirTag is nearby or going with them.

The AirTag should then start playing a sound to alert anyone in the area. Some users, on the other hand, claimed that the alarm and sound may take hours or even days to be sent out, and that they could even be turned off.

This article was first published on June 6, 2022