Loss of Freedom Looms Large in Western Countries Once AI Peaks, Warns Expert

Several experts have previously warned that the rise of artificial intelligence may sometimes doom humanity

Artificial Intelligence

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the entire course of human life, and this technology is literally transforming our lives at an ever-increasing pace. But now, a top expert has warned that the dominance of AI could negatively affect the lives of people who live in western countries.

AI Could End Western Ideologies

This dire warning has been issued by Simon McCarthy-Jones, an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at Trinity College Dublin. During his exclusive talk with Express.co.uk, McCarthy-Jones suggested that the rise of AI could spell the end of western ideologies if misused.

"If AI allowed complete government surveillance of our lives, enabling a totalitarian regime, it could end the West as we know it. But it would not end the idea of the West. The flame of freedom would still smolder in our hearts and we would try to relight it," said McCarthy Jones.

The professor also added that the threat from AI could get doubled if technology starts understanding the minds of humans. Understanding human minds could help governments to know what the public needs, and it will directly impact in authorities' decision-making process.

"A much greater threat is if AI comes to know us better than we know ourselves. Then a government could argue it knows what will make us happy and should therefore make all our decisions for us all. This kills not just freedom but the very idea of freedom. After all, if the government truly knows how to make us happy, why would we choose to go against their advice? The only escape, as I note in a book I have coming out next month, would be through spite," McCarthy Jones told Express.co.uk.

The Rise of Human Hybrids

It was around a few months back that a top expert in robotic ethics had talked about the rise of human hybrids powered with artificial intelligence in the future. These remarks were made by David J Gunkel, and predicted that future humans will augment themselves with artificial devices in the future.

According to Gunkel, the physical and mental capabilities of these hybrid humans will be much higher than normal humans, and as a result, they will emerge as the dominant species on planet earth. He also predicted that the legal standing of robots powered with AI could emerge as the hottest point of debate in the future.

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