London Stabbing: Man with Sword Kills 13-Year-old, Stabs 5 Others Including 2 Cops

Police rules out terrorism angle.

In a shocking incident near an East London Tube station on Tuesday, a 36-year-old man wielding a sword went on a rampage, stabbing five people, including two police officers and killing a 13-year-old boy. The terrifying event gripped the neighborhood in fear.

London Stabbing Accused

The Metropolitan Police swiftly responded, apprehending the attacker and ruling out terrorism as a motive in what they termed a 'serious incident'. The wounded individuals were rushed to a hospital, with updates on their conditions pending.

A senior police officer described the incident as 'terrifying for those concerned' and assured that further information would be provided soon.

Security measures were escalated in the area, with emergency services on standby following reports around 7 am (local time) of the assailant crashing his vehicle into a house in the Thurlow Gardens area before carrying out the stabbings.

Footage from the scene depicted the suspect, clad in black trousers and a yellow sweatshirt, wielding the sword outside a house while surrounded by police vehicles. Officers could be heard issuing warnings to the assailant.

Police clarified that there was no ongoing threat to the wider community and that they were not searching for additional suspects. They reiterated that the incident did not appear to be linked to terrorism.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan commended the emergency services for their swift response, acknowledging their courage in confronting danger to protect others. Meanwhile, UK Home Secretary James Cleverly stated that he was receiving regular updates on the situation and expressed solidarity with those affected.

According to Official for National Statistics Uk has seen a sharp rise in knife crime specifically in metropolitan areas, which is a huge cause of concern for the law enforcement agencies and the government.