Elizabeth Hurley Bedded Prince Harry? Actress Denies Rumors She is the Mystery 'Beautiful Older Woman' Prince Harry Lost His Virginity To

The revelation allegedly appears in "Spare," Prince Harry's 416-page autobiography, which will be released on January 10.

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Liz Hurley is not the mystery 'beautiful older woman' Prince Harry reportedly lost his virginity to, at least that is what the actress has claimed. Hurley, 57, is trying to clear her name ahead of the release of Prince Harry's explosive memoir. The actor was asked about the rumor during an interview with the Saturday Times magazine.

According to the outlet, one of "the most extraordinary disclosures in Prince Harry's forthcoming memoir, Spare, is that as a teenager he lost his virginity to a beautiful older woman in the countryside." However, Hurley has denied being the woman who shagged Prince Harry.

No, It's Not Her

Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley Instagram

The revelation allegedly appears in "Spare," Prince Harry's 416-page autobiography, which will be released on January 10. When asked about whether the rumour that it was her is true, Liz replied: "Not me. Not guilty. Ha!", before going on to add "No. Not me. Absolutely not."

The royal family is apparently "hugely nervous" about the implications of the memoir following the revealing Netflix series "Harry & Meghan."

Prince Harry's new book
Prince Harry's new book Twitter

"The consequences of this will be far-reaching and may be highly destructive," royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams previously told the Daily Mail.

According to a source, who spoke to DailyMail.com, "Put it this way, it's not going to make for a relaxing family Christmas."

The book has been back and forth between Harry, [ghost writer] JR Moehringer, and the publishers a few times, a source informed The Sun. After the Queen's death, Harry wanted to make changes since they wanted more than what was in the original script.

Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley Twitter

"The book has been back and forth between Harry and [ghost writer] JR Moehringer and the publishers a few times. They wanted more than was in the first draft, and then Harry wanted to refine things after the Queen passed away," a source told the Sun.

"But there has been extra toing and froing that people don't know about. This is because the publishers wanted more areas covered and more detail on some things that were already included.

"There is a real concern that that means Harry has had to sex up the book and include revelations that even he might not even be that comfortable with."

Bigger Revelations in the Coming?

Prince Harry's book allegedly had to be submitted to publishers more than once before it was accepted, raising concerns that it was "sexed up" with information about the Royal Family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Prince William is apparently "done" with his younger sibling, in response to the allegations made in the documentary, including Harry's claim that William yelled at him in front of Queen Elizabeth during a discussion about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leaving the royal family in 2020.

These topics are anticipated to be covered in the upcoming book as well. Even the title of the novel sparked rumors that it alludes to Harry's lifetime status as William's "spare" heir.

Fitzwilliams claims that the title "implies that [Harry] was not valued or ... that he did not feel at the center of events," and that it is "sensational."

According to a second source close to Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex wrote his contentious biography for himself rather than as a "takedown of his family," as some have claimed.

Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley Twitter

Those who are familiar with the manuscript have called it a "beautiful read" that people from all walks of life will be able to relate to.

It's reported that for Prince Harry, talking about his past hardships was cathartic. "'You can't always live your life trying to make your family or your siblings happy. You have to choose your own happiness," the source told the outlet.

The book will not be available until January 10 despite an initial release date of "late 2022" that was set in order to capitalize on the lucrative Christmas market. This is reportedly because the duke requested last-minute changes and as a token of respect following the death of the Queen.

This article was first published on December 18, 2022
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