Lisa Nacrelli: Ohio Woman Arrested for Posing as CPS Worker, Touching 4-Year-Old Boy Inappropriately and Trying to Lure Him from His Home into Her Car [VIDEO]

The woman was observed consistently running her hands through the child's hair and gently touching his back, while the boy deliberately avoided making eye contact with her.

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Shocking footage has emerged that captures the moment a woman allegedly tries to lure a four-year-old boy away from his home in Ohio posing as a Child Protective Services worker to "scare his parents." The incident has raised concerns about child safety and the actions of the woman involved.

Lisa Nacrelli, 44, has been charged with criminal child enticement, burglary, and impersonating an officer in connection with the disturbing incident. The Norwood Police Department made the announcement regarding the charges, suggesting that Nacrelli is believed to have carried out the alleged scheme. The charges reflect the seriousness of the offenses and the potential legal consequences Nacrelli may face.

Dangerous Scheme

Lisa Nacrelli
Lisa Nacrelli seen trying to convince the boy to get into her her parked car Twitter

The surveillance video from the boy's home shows him sitting on an orange bicycle near his front door in a Cincinnati suburb. At that moment, a stranger approaches him and promptly touches his back.

According to an affidavit by the boy's father, the woman identified by the police as Nacrelli glanced back towards the house before leaning over the boy. During this interaction, she engaged in conversation with him while "talking to him and rubbing him."

The woman was observed consistently running her hands through the child's hair and gently touching his back, while the boy deliberately avoided making eye contact with her.

According to the boy's parents, Nacrelli allegedly repeatedly requested their son to accompany her to her home, stressing that she had a "really pretty car seat" waiting for him inside her vehicle.

"Who are you?" the boy asks, though the woman's answer is unclear.

The youngster gets off his bike, throws his hands in the air, and runs back to his home after being improperly touched by the stranger for about three minutes, saying that he needs to go get his mother.

"She had made my 4-year-old son uncomfortable to where he said 'I want to go get my mom,'" the father wrote.

Lisa Nacrelli
Lisa Nacrelli seen trying to get inside the house after posing as a CPS investigator Twitter

The woman's voice can be heard instructing the boy to inform his mother that her name is Lisa and that she is from Child Protective Services (CPS).

Nacrelli requested permission to inspect the family's home, stating that she was there due to a reported complaint, as mentioned by Spradlin. After conducting the inspection, the woman left the premises.

Attempted Kidnap

Subsequently, the family reached out to Child Protective Services (CPS) and was informed that there was no existing case involving them, and the agency had not sent any representative to their home.

Lisa Nacrelli
Lisa Nacrelli Twitter

"Everything was a lie, and now we're sitting here on top of being enraged that this even happened, terrified because I don't know what her plan was," the boy's mother said.

"I know that she told my son that she has a black vehicle and that there's a really pretty car seat in it for him."

During the court proceedings, Nacrelli claimed that she had been consuming alcoholic beverages since waking up on the day of the incident.

Lisa Nacrelli
Lisa Nacrelli seen outside the home of the 4-year-old boy Twitter

"I walked to Kroger to get more beer on the walk home I saw a young child that I felt wasn't being supervised so in an attempt to scare the parent I pretended to be from CPS," she told the court.

However, the boy's mother maintains that Nacrelli persistently asked the boy to accompany her on three separate occasions.

"Your intention was clearly to take my son, to convince him to walk down the street with you to this house, which I didn't even know you lived this close which is terrifying in of itself," said Spradlin.

As reported by WCPO, Nacrelli lives just a few blocks away from the Spradlin family's home.

Timothy Spradlin
Timothy Spradlin, the boy's father Twitter

She is currently unemployed and has a criminal record that includes disorderly conduct arrests in 2005 and 2011.

Moreover, authorities have charged Nacrelli with burglary and impersonating an officer on Tuesday.

During Nacrelli's bond hearing on Tuesday, she became emotional and started crying. Following the hearing, she was released on her own recognizance but required to wear electronic monitoring.

This article was first published on June 21, 2023