Amanda Hicks Cause of Death: Florida Teacher Was Stabbed to Death by Her Lover Before He Took His Own Life with a Gun

Police were only a few feet from the two bodies when they overheard Hicks' 10-month-old kid screaming inside the closed apartment.

The beloved Florida teacher, who was found dead next to her crying 10-month-old daughter, was stabbed to death by her lover, police confirmed on Tuesday. Amanda Hicks, 26, was stabbed to death by her unnamed fiancé before he killed himself. The fiancé reportedly used a gun to take his own life.

Police were alerted to the scene after hearing the crying of her infant daughter. Hicks and her fiancé were found dead on the floor of her home at the Peacock Run complex on Northwest East Torino Parkway in Port St. Lucie, WPTV reported. Police are yet to reveal the exact reason behind the horrific murder-suicide.

Mysterious Murder-Suicide

Amanda Hicks
Amanda Hicks Twitter

The fiancé reportedly tried to call a family member an hour before neighbors reported hearing "a very loud, screechy scream" and a single gunshot was captured on nearby video surveillance.

The family member attempted to return the call in the morning before asking the police to check on the welfare of the person.

Police were only a few feet from the two bodies when they overheard Hicks' 10-month-old kid screaming inside the closed apartment. Her daughter, Alani, was found in her cot unhurt 11 hours after the murder and is now with a relative.

Hicks was employed as a teacher at Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School at the time of her death, according to CBS12.

Amanda Hicks
Amanda Hicks Twitter

Police also didn't say how Hicks and her unnamed boyfriend died. The deaths happened a day after Anderson Middle School had finished for summer.

Despite the fact that neither she nor her partner has been publicly named by authorities, principal Darcia Borel identified the female victim in a memo she distributed to staff members.

"The Port St. Lucie Police Department has confirmed that Ms. Hicks was the victim of a homicide," Borel wrote.

"While words will never be enough to convey the shock and sadness this news has brought to our school family, it is more important than ever to come together to support one another through our grief journey," wrote Borel.

Amanda Hicks
Amanda Hicks Twitter

"Additional information about memorials and opportunities for supporting Amanda's beautiful little girl will be forthcoming.

"Please remember to hug your loved ones a little tighter and keep Amanda's family in your thoughts and hearts."

Friends and Family Devastated

Since Hicks' death, tributes from her friends and family have poured in. Her brother Eric, who also resides in Port St. Lucie, commented on social media after her death. "Y'all plz help us raise money for my sisters funeral and service and everything," he wrote.

Amanda Hicks
Amanda Hicks's 10-month-old baby Alani Twitter

Hicks and Eric's mother died in December 2018 after a difficult battle with cancer.

According to neighbors who spoke to CBS 12 News, Hicks gave birth to Alani in July, and the couple moved into the apartment three weeks ago.

"They seemed very normal, very normal," said an unnamed neighbor.

"We didn't even get time to even get to know them because everything happened so fast.

"My hearts out for the family, though. Hopefully, they find peace in all of this."

Hicks' friend of five years, Raquel Magallon, told WBPF that she was 'an angel' who brought joy to all those who knew her.

Amanda Hicks
Amanda Hicks Twitter

"She just lit up the room. She had such a big, beautiful smile. She was always happy and always energetic," Magallon recalled.

"This is like really shocking and really sad ... She was just an angel. She was the most happiest person. She definitely brightened my day every time I saw her and I just don't know what happened with this situation. I know she's at peace now, but I pray that she didn't suffer because she definitely doesn't deserve to go out like that."

According to police, no other details about the incident are expected to be made public.

They are not looking for more suspects since they don't think anyone else was involved.