Liquor Store 'Karen' Shares Video of Herself Being 'Harassed' For Not Wearing a Mask, Gets Slammed

Ruby Musso shared a video claiming she was harassed, assaulted and booted from a liquor store in Lakeside, Colorado, after refusing to wear a mask.

A video of a "Karen" throwing a temper tantrum and then claiming she was being "harassed and assaulted" at a liquor store in Colorado because she refused to wear a mask is being widely circulated on social media.

Ruby Musso thought it would be a good idea to share a video of herself being kicked out of a liquor store in Lakeside, Colorado, in an attempt to gain sympathy for refusing to comply with the store's no-mask no-service policy.

"I was harassed and assaulted, then thrown out of Molly's Spirits in Lakeside, Colorado for not wearing a mask," Musso said in a video uploaded on Facebook. "A customer ran her cart into me, workers and managers shoved me and put their hands in my face. Lakeside cops did nothing. I asked cops to get her, so I could press charges and they refused."

Liquor Store Karen
A still from the video that is being widely circulated. Twitter

The video starts off with a woman ramming her cart into her saying "Please leave this f**king store," to which Musso responds, "Okay that's harassment. I'm filing charges." Other customers can then be heard telling Musso she's breaking the law by choosing not to wear a mask in public. "I'm actually not. She just almost physically threatened me."

"You're physically threatening everyone else by not wearing a mask," a separate customer then says to her.

This is 'Nazi America'

The video then continues to show multiple employees asking Musso to leave as she asserts that they're not aware of the law. "An order is not state law," she can be heard saying. "You guys have no idea what legislature process is."

"You are not going to treat me like this and get away with it," she says toward the end of the video. "I did nothing! I did nothing! I did nothing but not wear a mask, and look at all these Nazis in Nazi America. Nazi America! Oh my God, I love it!"

The video, which has since been deleted, instantly went viral on social media and sparked backlash from users who called Musso out over her behavior and urged the Adams County Government, where she works in the real estate department, to fire her from her position. Watch the video below:

Musso Claims She Has a Medical Condition

While the woman tried to claim that it was supposedly illegal for stores to refuse her service for not wearing a mask, On Thursday, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced a statewide mask mandate that requires everyone over the age of 10 to wear a face covering or a mask in a public place and has previously emphasized that businesses were in their rights to refuse service to those without face coverings.

In an interview with a local news outlet KDVR, Musso claimed she suffers "a medical condition" that causes her have "extreme panic and anxiety" any time she wears a mask.

Ruby Musso
Ruby Musso Facebook / Ruby Musso

The owner of the liquor store, Rufus Nagel, said they did offer to bring items out to Musso if she did not want to wear a mask, but she refused before adding that he has now been receiving threatening calls after the video went viral.

"It's not my place to determine what is and is not a health risk. I have to obey the rules and the laws. For me, it's an issue of an out of control customer creating a scene in my store," Nagel said. "People calling us telling us we're Nazis and destroying the American dream or something like that. Honestly, we're just trying to do the best we can."