California 'Karen' Threatens Black Couple For Holding Yard Sale; Says 'This Is My Neighborhood'

The woman receives backlash after the video goes viral on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

A California based white woman threatened to call cops on a black couple holding yard sale in a residential area in Bakersfield. The woman nicknamed 'Yard Sale Karen' has been identified as Diane Butkiewicz, a teacher who works at Cecil Middle School in Delano, California.

Diane Butkiewicz
The Yard sale Karen has been identified as Diane Butkiewicz. Twitter

The video of the 'Yard sale Karen' harassing the couple has gone viral on social media sites with several people lashing out at the woman in the video.

Couple Claims to Hold Yard Sale After Getting Permission

In the nearly minute-long video, Butkiewicz is seen getting down from her car and telling the couple that they cannot hold a yard sale in a residential area. "Move," she is heard saying, "This is my neighborhood, you cannot come over here and sell things."

The man replies saying that this was an honest business they were doing and they were allowed to have yard sales in residential areas. However, it isn't clear whether the couple lived in the same residential area or not.

"It's wrong. It's a residential area you cannot come over here and selling in residential area," said the racist Karen adding "I am going to my city council."

To this, the man in the video replies: "That's all right I already talked to them that's where I got my licence from, the city council. I pay my taxes. They (authorities) were already here. You are harassing us."

An enraged Butkiewicz is then repeatedly heard saying this is 'my neighborhood' as she stomps off to her parked car threatening to call cops on the couple for holding a yard sale.

Outrage on Social Media

The video, which has been shared several times on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram, generated widespread backlash from the users.

"WTF lady dont be jealous you cant afford to buy things at the yard sale," wrote a user.

"#MyMother. Not. At. All. My. Mother A Karen spotted in Bakersfield earlier this week threatening to call the cops on a family for having a simple yard sale. Her name is Diane Butkiewicz and works at Cecil Middle School in Delano, CA #KarenStrikesAgain," wrote another user.

"It's only going to change when they start charging this women with harassment. Can you imagine if they pulled that crap at her yard sale? Karen needs to get a grip," tweeted another.

According to Glob Intel, the woman is listed as a schoolteacher on the website of the Cecil Middle School. Speaking to the outlet, the school authorities revealed that Butkiewicz no longer works at the district. "Thank you for sharing your concerns. The individual that you identified is not presently an employee of our district. Again, thank you for reaching out in relation to the matter," read the response to the outlet.