LG V30's coveted Floating Bar can now be installed on your phone

Download the Floating Bar LG V30 for Android app on Google Play.

Since the release of LG V30 in September, the phone has become popular for its promising Floating Bar, making it a sought-after feature. Floating Bar gives users a more comfortable way of accessing the phone's apps.

The feature's usefulness and handiness make other Android users want it. Fortunately, a developer created an app that works almost the same way as LG V30's Floating Bar with every nook and cranny.

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Developed by THSoftware, the Floating Bar LG V30 for Android app allows users to create shortcuts of different apps, websites, contact numbers and tools and house them in an organised single panel, which can be accessed or tucked away by swiping left or right.

It gives users up to four categories to use and within each category are five shortcuts. The custom Floating Bar app requires Android 4.4 as a minimum requirement.

Before Floating Bar arrived on board LG V30, the phone's predecessors had what LG Electronics Inc called the secondary display. With the new flagship phone's bezel-less design, the South Korean tech giant ditched secondary display to accommodate a more commodious screen.

Download the Floating Bar LG V30 for Android app on Google Play.