Titanfall: Assault 2.0.3 APK is up for download

The latest Titanfall: Assault update brings new features on Amp Field and matchmaking campaign.

Titanfall: Assault on Friday received the much-needed update just a week after the previous one. Game developers Particle City and Respawn Entertainment offer a couple of bug fixes and improvements that players can get through the Titanfall: Assault 2.0.3 APK.

The latest update for the strategy mobile video game brings a new feature to Amp Field called Burn Card, which supercharges friendly units within an area. In the matchmaking campaign, there will be no more trophy loss in the Bronze rank while fewer trophy losses in the Silver rank.

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Safety nets are also added to the bottom of Silver, Gold and Titanium ranks. On top of that, Nexus rolls outs a more improved matchmaking for most ranks based on the squad level.

Finally, a couple of bug fixes have also been released on Titanfall: Assault, including the one Daily Card purchases in Market getting too many cards as well as the display bug in cache opening sequence.

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The Titanfall: Assault 2.0.3 APK file is a bit hefty at 59.69 megabytes. Download the APK file via this link. In the meantime, players can opt for the official release of the update; however, there is no word from the publisher, Nexon M Inc, and developers when to roll it out. No Titanfall: Assault IPA file has been released as of now.

Titanfall: Assault is available for download on iOS and Android.