LG reveals specifications of upcoming G6 phone ahead of release

According to LG, G6 will sport Square Camera and the Food Mode along with other features.

lg g6

LG G6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year and it is expected to be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. According to Evan Bass, who got hold of LG's planning materials, its release date is set for April 7.

But before the official release at the major tech event, LG just revealed some of the new features of the upcoming LG G6. the company also confirmed some rumors that were floating around for quite some time now.

The details that have been confirmed by LG, include the Square Camera and the Food Mode along with what it describes as the "ultimate user convenience and productivity with FullVision display."

As per a report by Venture Beat, Bass was again proved right with the LG G6 having a 5.7-inch display. But Blass failed to mention that the device will sport the QHD+ FullVision display with 2,880 x 1,440 pixel resolution. LG also revealed in the press release that the G6 will have the new mobile UX 6.0 and that it will have a rather uncommon 18:9 aspect ratio.

The expansive screen aspect ratio is responsible for the LG G6's ability to snap pictures and review them at the same time which is what the Square Camera mode is in a gist. The camera is one side while the captured image is on the other allowing the user to do two things at a time.

Speaking of camera, the LG G6 also has the new Food Mode feature which takes pictures with high color quality and saturation. As the name implies, this feature is perfect for food photography. The huge screen also allows users to see more while reading an e-book, playing mobile games or surfing the web aside from looking at pictures and watching videos.

This article was first published on February 18, 2017