'Let's Go Brandon', Trump Flags Greet Joe Biden in Kentucky; Video Surfaces Online

U.S. President Joe Biden was met with sounds of "Let's Go, Brandon" and Trump flag in Kentucky on Wednesday. Biden is on a visit to assess the tornado damage caused in Mayfield, Kentucky.

The tornado left at least 88 people dead, including 74 in Kentucky, after severe storm struck several parts of the Midwest and the South during weekend.

Joe Biden
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Let's Go Brandon, Onlookers Shout at Biden

In a tweet posted earlier, Biden wrote; "I'm in Kentucky today to meet with local leaders and to survey the damage from the tornadoes and extreme weather. It will take all of us, working together, to recover and begin rebuilding — and we are committed to providing whatever support is needed for however long it takes."

Biden, who was accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, landed at an airport in Mayfield. A clip that has surfaced on the social media shows the President's vehicle being surrounded by a few people. Sounds of 'Brandon' can be heard from the crowd. 'Let's go, Brandon' is heard soon after.

In a tweet, BBC News correspondent Tara McKelvey wrote, "I'm with the president in Mayfield. Looking at destruction. There is a Trump flag and when Biden got out of the motorcade someone called: "Let's go, Brandon." They said it twice."

Lexington Herald-Leader reporter Austin Horn also confirmed the same in her tweet. "Two 'Let's go Brandons' from the crowd as Biden gets out."

The phrase caught up with anti-Biden supporters following a report from NASCAR Xfinity Series in which the NBC reporter claimed that the fans were cheering Brandon Brown following his victory by chanting, "Let's Go Brandon." Fox News reported that it was misreported as the fans were shouting "Fu*k Joe Biden."

'Never Seen This Much of Damage from Tornado Before'- Biden

Biden undertook an aerial survey of the damage caused by the tornado in Mayfield and later conducted a ground tour of Dawson Springs. Addressing the gathering the President assured of help to the people.

"We're not going to leave I promise you. The federal government is going to be here until this gets rebuilt," he said. "Back where I'm from we're used to hurricanes and floods and high water. But these tornadoes are just something totally different. They devour everything in their path: your homes, your businesses, your houses of worship, dreams or lives," Biden spoke.

"People talk about post-traumatic stress on the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq. Well, guess what there's a lot of post traumatic stress that comes from lying in your house all of a sudden the roof gets blown off and you wonder whether your kids are around. The shock of losing a home or business, the grief of losing someone. It's happening just before the holiday season. We're going to make sure you have all the help you need,' the president went on to add.