The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Survival tips on Master Mode

Here are tips and tricks to survive Master Mode of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The much-awaited Master Mode of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally here and what better way to enjoy it than to know a couple of tips and tricks to dominate this downloadable content.

Nintendo has made sure to bring Breath of the Wild fans to a whole new set of difficulty with Master Mode. Here are the following survival tips on Master Mode.

Drown enemies

Lure enemies to go near the bank of any bodies of water by planting bombs in there. Position oneself close to the bomb where enemies are of a good view. Once enemies get within the bomb's range, blow it off. Chances are high that they will end up in the water, sink, and eventually die.

Stats boosts

The Master Mode requires players to cook, and the best way to find key ingredients is just around the corner. Meals and elixirs crafted from here give the character greater defence, faster speed, and a more effective attack power which should help in every battle.

Steal and run

Early in Master Mode, players will already encounter Bokoblins. Strong as they are, one still has the ability to seize their special armaments. But the ideal way of doing that is not really by fighting them; instead, running away from them is much better than fighting against them. It may be easier said than done, it is possible—just sneak in as silent as possible. Once caught, make sure to use a good combination of actions to get way past the Bokoblins safe and sound.

Do not fight

Master Mode has stronger enemies, and they are not easy to take down as one would think. To be straightforward, players usually are nothing to Hyrule considering their incredible strength and ability to replenish health. So the best way to accomplish goals is not really to fight against him and other enemies but just to escape from them. Face it: Master Mode is not about winning battles but surviving the obstacles.

Get Majora's Mask

One of the new gears in Master Mode is the Majora's Mask, but getting it is not just a walk in the park for that matter. Get it without qualms of triggering the monsters through the side quest EX Treasure: Ancient Mask where the gear's location can be decoded. Make sure to get through EX Treasure: Phantasma too because it gives the Phantom Armour which has a defence rating of 8. Leave The Great Plateau to unlock these side missions. Do fast-traveling to a tower to trigger a loading screen.